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Kirsten TenHaken

Graduate Assistant
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Why I Came to Taylor

It is an overwhelming gift when the Lord provides for us in more ways than we could have known to ask for, and that’s the sort of gift I continue to receive through the MAHE program.  I am encouraged by and thankful for the specific opportunity to learn and work alongside such incredible faculty and students—and to have those people be the same individuals I get to serve through my role in the MAHE department.

I came to Taylor’s Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development (MAHE) program in 2013 after graduating from Whitworth University with a B.A. in Mathematics Education.  I had always wanted to pursue a career in education, but it was during my sophomore year serving in residence life that I learned of the more specific calling on my life: to pursue such a career through the field of higher education.

Since making that discovery, one of my deepest hopes is for others to come to a similar sense of purpose and calling upon their lives.  Higher education is a place where these discoveries take place.  It is a field of immense potential where students are encouraged to ask big questions and develop worthy dreams.  Higher education and student development are rich with promise, and I am grateful to begin to dedicate my life to pursuing such promise. 

To hear more about Kirsten's experience in the MAHE program or for more information about the program, please contact her at kirsten_tenhaken@taylor.edu