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Kate Austin

Bergwall Hall Director
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Growing up with a Taylor alumnus as a dad, my childhood was filled with legendary stories of Dr. Cosgrove’s lectures and late night shenanigans involving mattress moving and Hersey syrup.  I knew Taylor as a place where my dad accepted Christ as his savior and where he built lifelong friendships that were marked by compassion and honesty. Twenty-something years later this legendary place would become my home as well.

Taylor University is the space in which I was invited to intentionally weave faith with my learning, authenticity with my living, and depth with my following of Jesus. Like my father, I developed friendships which exceeded my expectations of what a thoughtful, fun, and restorative community could be. Due to my psychology classes and foundational curriculum, my critical thinking was also challenged on what justice and mercy meant in my everyday living as a Christian. After my four undergraduate years, I wanted to join in the transformative work of developing students and pursued my Masters in Higher Education and Student Development here at Taylor University in 2013. The liberal arts education I received here prepared me well for the wonderful opportunities to serve as Residence Director at Calvin College as well as in Alumni Relations at Taylor University.

When asked what the “typical” Bergwall student is like, I have a hard time answering because of the broad interests and personalities of the residents living here. Bergwall Hall has men and women who are passionate about everything from the arts, athletics, environment, civic engagement, video games, and more. Bergwall offers the chance for students to build friendships with both those alike and dissimilar from themselves…which seems to reflect uniqueness in the body of Christ as well. We love our traditions, from OktoBERGfest to 10:10 to Bergwall-A-Day, but what we truly cherish is the everyday living and learning alongside each other. I am honored to call this place home.

My husband also serves on the student development faculty here at Taylor University. We share a passion for the holistic development of students, good books, and the occasional run (with dessert to follow). We love spending time with my stepson, Jaxson, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our daughter in January 2015.