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Jason Katsma

Hall Director of Swallow Robin
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Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

Growing up in a family named "Team 7" leant itself to be continually surrounded by people. Team 7 would pile in the van in Idaho and drive to extended family in the Midwest. Spending 30 consecutive hours in close proximity to your family makes for some impactful childhood memories and a tolerance for always being surrounded by people. Now I get to be surrounded by the women and men of Swallow Robin Hall on a daily basis. 

I graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA in 2014 with a degree in Mathematics. My time at Northwestern was filled with spending time with the guys in my Residence Hall. Currently being in the MAHE program here at Taylor is an honor. I get to learn about Higher Education while practicing in a Christian context. 

I love traveling to see more and more of God's creation. I have come to appreciate the beauty in cornfields in Upland. My wife, Alexia, made me realize that there is just as much beauty in the cornfields as in the mountainous skyline. She grew up on a dairy farm in Southwest Minnesota. Together we like to see new cities and new state parks. Anytime we can be outside is a good day. 

Every person living in Swallow Robin Hall is different. As a Hall Director, I get to live beside these students as we learn more about each other and about God. I pray we experience a deeper love of Christ and for other's perspectives and experiences. I hope we all practice being servant leaders in Swallow Robin so that we will become future leaders in our communities.