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Celeste Harris

English Assistant Hall Director
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If I learned anything during my time at Taylor, it’s that college is such a pivotal and crucial time in life that shapes the person you become.

From the moment I arrived at Taylor University in 2010, I knew that God had given me a heart for ministry. For the vast majority of my time at Taylor, however, I had no idea what kind of ministry. It was finally during my senior year, as I reflected on how redemptive and formative my years in college had been, that I realized that the ministry was working with college students. College is the time when people realize who they are and who God created them to be, what they love, what they hate, what they’re most passionate about. That time in a person’s life is unbelievably exciting, and I quickly realized that I wanted to be part of that, I wanted to deeply invest in and speak into the lives of students at one of their most important stages.

I graduated from Taylor in the spring of 2014, and came back the following fall to earn my Masters of Higher Education and Student Development. As the assistant hall director of English, I love interacting with, loving, encouraging and challenging the women in the hall to be who God created them to be. I am so excited for the opportunity to serve in the hall I lived in as a student at Taylor, and so excited for what the women of English will learn during their college years.