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Alex Crist

Graduate Assistant, Academic Enrichment Center
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Why I Came to Taylor

As a senior in college, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree and sought out an educational experience that would maximize my growth. Pairing an intentional community with academic excellence, Taylor was the adventure I was seeking. I was eager to study at a school that would not only challenge myself academically, but also allow me to apply what I was learning to my faith. Being at Taylor allows me to learn, work, and grow in a community of people who are purposefully doing the same.

Challenge yourself to get the most out of this experience over the next four years. Emphasize quality over quantity. Seek to learn something new every day and encourage those around you to do the same. Strive to be bold in your academics, your relationships, and in your faith. Embrace the person that you were created to be, and remember that you are uniquely designed for a purpose – right here, right now.