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Abi Noble

Gerig & Breuninger Hall Director
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Life is full of surprises. For me, that includes the unanticipated blessing of returning to my alma mater and my residence hall of 3 years to serve in a position I love. After spending our post-college years in the Boston area for graduate school and work, my husband, John, and I didn’t expect to return to Indiana. We are excited to serve at Taylor and live with the most amazing bunch of students on the planet.

I started my career in Student Development in graduate school, when I took a part-time RD position at Gordon College. I absolutely loved living with my students. That position morphed into a full-time, long-term job when we stayed in Massachusetts for further school opportunities for John. We had all three of our sweet children while living at Gordon, and they have spent almost their entire lives in residence hall contexts. They’re quite the social bunch and are enthusiastic about campus and hall events, as well as time with students. Grace, age 9, is an avid reader and conversationalist. Henry and Eliot, 6 and 3, are into Legos, weaponry and all manner of adventures.

We have a fantastic opportunity living in community at Taylor in Gerig and Breuninger. There will be many surprises along the way—connecting with someone unexpected, late night trips for coffee and/or doughnuts, intramural sport talents you didn’t know you had, performances in Airband, and conversations over dinner or walking back from class that may impact you forever. And best of all, the God for whom nothing is a surprise, walking alongside and revealing more of his character, goodness and love.