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Peter Krenzke

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
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  • experimental measurements
  • fluid mechanics
  • heat transfer
  • solar energy
  • solar fuels via metal oxide redox cycles
  • thermodynamics
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Advice to incoming students

Be organized. Put together a schedule to make sure you have ample time to complete your homework and set aside time to read God's Word. A routine will help you reduce stress and be more effective with your time.

Why I Came to Taylor

I came to Taylor to prepare young engineers to tackle challenges. Some of these challenges appear grand, like providing sustainable energy for the globe. Others seem more mundane, like reducing the manufacturing cost of a nut or bolt. In addition to equipping engineers with technical tools, at Taylor I can teach them to look at their God-given responsibilities to their families, employers, and society. In doing so, Taylor engineers will learn to appreciate all their work, grand or mundane, as a gift from God.


Spending time with my wife and kids, church music (choral and brass), music typesetting with LilyPond, German, Sports