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Beulah Baker

Professor of English
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  • african literature
  • american literature
  • critical theory
  • dramatic literature
  • global literature
  • irish literature
Faculty Profile

Advice to incoming students

Come with an open mind to learn more about the nuances of God’s truth and the beauty of His creation. Remember that since you are made in His image, you are also called to create as well as to tend nature and social needs. Read widely, think deeply, and learn to express yourself effectively.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

At Taylor I can introduce students to text, ideas, and issues about which I care and invite them to discuss these. Frequently, this has involved being in London or Ireland or Singapore or Kenya where different settings and cultures challenge us. As a Christian, I care about expressions and behaviors involving justice and truth.


Travel, gardening, biking

Major career accomplishments

Do the math: I’ve interacted with over 5,000 students in a teaching role in two states and more than eight countries, and we’ve influenced each other in many ways. In addition, I’ve read papers at scholarly conferences, and served on numerous committees. A little known fact about me is I taught a novels course for the inmates of a prison, going through double-security doors upon entering and exiting.