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Greg MaGee

Chair of the Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries & Philosophy Department & Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
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Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I love working at Taylor! I enjoy the content I teach (it is the Bible, after all). I am energized by the students here. And I am fascinated with the craft of teaching (I consider myself a “student” of teaching). I noticed immediately when I arrived at Taylor that I was stepping into a community characterized by a passion for teaching and a commitment to growth in teaching. I am happy to link arms with colleagues in the common pursuit of fostering persistent, disciplined, and imaginative learning at Taylor.

How I integrate faith in the classroom:

The integration of faith and learning, a major emphasis at Taylor, means that careful and well-informed engagement with Scripture will result in transformed thinking that spans across all academic disciplines. The grand biblical themes of creation, justice, kingdom, reconciliation, and new creation in particular invite Christian students to explore the relationship between Scripture and topics such as world missions, the sciences, the environment, human rights, politics, international affairs, economics, the arts, and civic and global engagement.

Faith and learning integration should contribute to well informed and devoted followers of Christ. Having served in ministry to college students for a decade (including four years on a university campus in China), I know that students often develop deep roots in Christian faith during their years in college. I seek to contribute to student growth while still giving attention to my own walk with God by staying active in worship and Christian service. In particular, I have enjoyed fellowship and being involved in ministry to children and youth at my church.


Outside the classroom and office I can be found with my wife and kids at various Taylor sporting events, performances, exhibits, seminars, and great community traditions such as Airband and Taylathon. Our family enjoys Pixar movies, strategic games such as Settlers of Catan, sports such as soccer, and our dog Lizzy.

Major career accomplishments

My specialties in biblical studies are Biblical Theology, Paul’s letters, and New Testament Greek. I have written and presented papers on texts such as Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and the Letters of Ignatius. Current research topics include the relationship between the kingdom and cross in biblical theology and Paul’s interaction with the Shema in Romans 3:27-31. Learning “on-location” in Israel and (in upcoming years) Greece, Italy, and Turkey (while leading Taylor students on trips to these countries) greatly enriches my research and teaching.