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Felicia Case

Director of Intercultural Programs
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diversity racial identity development spiritual formation
  • MAHE, Taylor University (2010)
  • BA, English, University of Connecticut (1985)


Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I love to teach. I enjoy seeing students grapple with new ideas that begin to stretch and form them in new ways. College student’s curiosity is infectious. I love teaching at Taylor because Taylor is committed to whole person education and the integration of faith and learning. Taylor sees the collaboration between Academics and Student Development as essential in helping to shape and form students.


My three girls take up most of my time with their hobbies. But when I am not shuttling them to dance or choir or some sporting event, I do enjoy reading, exercising, spending time with my husband and welcoming people into our home. I get energy from hearing people’s stories and how God has written them into his Grand narrative.