Alan Winquist

History, Global, & Political Studies Faculty Adjunct
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american immigration history history of england modern european history (1789-present) scandinavian history sub-sahara african history
  • PhD, History, New York University (1976)
  • Graduate Courses - History & Political Science, University of Stockholm (1965-66)
  • MAT, Northwestern University (1965)
  • BA, History, Wheaton College - Illinois (1964)

Advice to Incoming Students

In the tradition of liberal arts, keep your mind open to all disciplines. Be curious and enthusiastic about learning and appreciating the wonders of this world. Show tolerance to people of different backgrounds from your own as well as other beliefs and philosophies.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I believe in Christian higher education. I appreciate very much the dedication and collegiality of the Taylor faculty, administrators, and staff. Above all, I am inspired by my students who continue to excite and amaze me in their youthful spirit and energy, and their desire to make a positive impact on the world through their lives.


Stamp and coin collection, books, travel, and photography

Major Career Accomplishments

Received the Taylor University Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award in 1991.

Authored or co-authored four books.

Received Ford Foundation Scholarship for my MAT degree at Northwestern University (1964-65), and a travel grant from New York University to do doctoral research in South Africa in 1974.

Have taught with the Taylor program in Singapore, with the Taylor Irish Studies Program, and Lithuania Christian College as well as courses at Anderson University, Manchester College, and Ball State University. Have led close to 20 student study tours to Europe and East Asia.