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Amy Peterson

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Amy Peterson is a writer, ESL instructor, and Assistant Director of the Honors Program at Taylor University.  After earning a BA in English Literature at Texas A&M University, she completed a Masters in Missions and Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College while teaching in Southeast Asia.  With more than ten years of experience teaching, she has worked with students from over a dozen countries.  

Amy writes regularly for Christ and Pop Culture, and has also contributed to the Christianity Today women’s blog her.meneutics, Comment Magazine, The Living Church, The Curator, and Art House America, among others. She currently resides on two acres of farmland in rural Indiana with her husband and two small children, as well as some pesky cats, beloved chickens, and a hive of bees. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, baking, mystery novels, road trips, french press coffee, and television.