Alumni Association

What is the role of the Alumni Association?

The role of the Alumni Association is to foster and cultivate the spirit of a continuing Christian community of alumni and friends of Taylor University; to unite that community into a vital force of influence, support, action, and giving through effective communication among members and with the University; and to perpetuate interest in the welfare of the University and the larger community of fellow alumni and friends.

Who is a member?

Members of the Alumni Association who are permitted to vote and hold national office on the Alumni Council are:

  • All graduates, including honorary degree recipients.
  • All former students having attended the University one complete academic year.

These two groups, the graduates and former students, constitute the Regular Members of the Alumni Association

The following are also members of the Alumni Association and may participate in all activities, but they are not permitted to vote or hold national office:

  • Associate Members: Spouses of the Regular Members, parents of current and former University students, non-alumni faculty and staff, and former students of less than one academic year.
  • Honorary Members: Any person who is interested in the cause of Christian higher education as represented by and through the University and who has demonstrated his or her commitment to the cause of the University. Honorary Members may be chosen annually by the Alumni Council.

What is the Alumni Council?

The Alumni Council meets two times a year (in the fall during Homecoming Weekend, during the Spring semester) in order to act as the representatives of the Taylor University Alumni Association to advise and assist the staff of the alumni office.

The chief functions of the Alumni Council are:

  • Serve as an advisory council to the alumni office staff in how the staff can better understand and meet the needs of the alumni constituency and their relationship with Taylor University.
  • Inform the constituents in their regional area of events and happenings pertaining to the University.
  • Promote Taylor University and the needs of the University in their regional area.

The members of the Alumni Council are elected to one four-year term. A member may sit on the Council for more than one term, but the terms cannot be consecutive. There must be at least one year between terms.

For a copy of the Alumni Council Constitution and By-Laws, email