Missionary or Third Culture Student

Traveling the world is an incredible opportunity, enabling you to see the world from a unique perspective. There are over 120 students at Taylor who share the experience of being a “third-culture” student. Some have served in missions; some have traveled the globe with the military or for business. Taylor supports this group of students with an active chapter of MuKappa, a student organization dedicated to missionary and third-culture students.

The application process for third-culture and missionary students is the same as for first-time freshmen, and includes the following components:

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Academic preparation

Students applying to Taylor should complete a challenging academic course load including the following:

English 4 years
Mathematics 3-4 years; algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, calculus, or trigonometry
Laboratory Science 3-4 years; biology, chemistry, or physics
Social Science 2 years; American History, European History, government, sociology, psychology, or economics
Foreign Language 2 years; strongly recommended
Music Introductory course strongly recommended
Art Introductory course strongly recommended