Frequently asked questions

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Where can my parents stay?

Answer to come ....

Is there a sibling program available during International Orientation?

Yes! We run a sibling program on an as-needed basis. There will be some fun activities available that will be geared toward the ages of the siblings in attendance. If high school siblings would prefer to attend the student programming they are welcome to attend most sessions.

 Note: Please make a note of the names and ages of all siblings in attendance on the registration page so that we can plan for their activities. Also, the sibling program is only available for children who are pre-school (already potty trained) through high school-aged siblings.

If our family is attending the International Orientation should we stay and attend Welcome Weekend as well? Will our son or daughter be sufficiently oriented after the international orientation?

That is up to each individual family.

It would depend on a few factors: 

  • If you would like to stay and meet the student’s roommate(s) on move-in day (Friday).
  • If you would want more time together before saying goodbye.
  • If you would like to spend more time exploring campus.

As far as the student being oriented, yes, by the time International Orientation is over he or she will have a few familiar faces on campus, will know his or her Welcome Weekend Orientation group leader, will know his way around campus and will have met his PAs (Personnel Assistants- commonly known as RAs on other campuses). However the International Orientation is designed to compliment the student’s regular orientation at Welcome Weekend, not replace it.

Please review the Welcome Weekend Schedule (Coming Soon) so you can make an informed decision about attending.

How do I rent linens?

There will be no charge for linens.

Linens are not required but each student who would like linens (which includes one pillow, fitted sheet, bed sheet, pillow case, blanket and towel) should let us know. The linens will be collected on Wednesday morning on August 26th.  The students will have the opportunity to go on a shopping trip on Tuesday and can purchase their own set of linens at that time.

What time is Registration on Sunday August 21st so we can make our travel plans?

Registration will be held in Euler Science Complex from 12pm-5pm.

If you have any additional questions about International Orientation please contact us.