Interterm Honors Guild Trip

Each Interterm, new students in the Honors Guild participate in a scholarship-provided overseas study abroad program. 

This year the Honors Freshmen have the unique opportunity to travel to Ireland/Northern Ireland during the month of January 2014. The students will be participating in a Historic Christian Belief course taught by Dr. Michael Harbin. For the same cost of being on campus during J-term, these students will be fully immersed in a study abroad experience at no further expense. 

In 2013, the Honors Freshmen journeyed to the Bahamas. They took the course "Small Island Sustainability." They compared and contrasted the sustainability systems of two different islands, and participated in efforts to clean the environment. 

In 2012, the Freshmen Honors Guild cohort traveled to South Africa. The students studied "Art and Restorative Justice" within the backdrop of post-apartheid in South Africa. 

In 2011, the Freshmen Honors Guild cohort traveled to Jordan and Israel. There they studied the New Testament while walking in the footsteps of Jesus. 

In 2010, the Honors Guild traveled to Northern Ireland. The focus of that trip was studying the divergent strands of church and theology through the lens of conflict. 

For more information on this experience, visit the "Travel" page on the Honors Guild blog:


Watch a video of the 2011 trip.