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Accepted Student Visit Day Schedule

Use this schedule below to make the most of your time at Taylor this week. Got questions? Reach out to your Admissions Counselor and they'll help steer you in the right direction.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

5 pm Check In

Residence Halls

Welcome to Taylor! Check in at the residence halls and drop off your stuff with your host.

5:30 pm Dinner

LaRita Boren Campus Center—Zurcher Commons

Join your future classmates, Admissions staff, and current students for dinner.

6:30 pm Student Panel

Cornwall Auditorium

Hear from current students about their Taylor experience.

7:30 pm Roommate Mixer

LaRita Boren Campus Center—Zurcher Commons

Whether you already have a roommate in mind or not, this will be a great time to meet future classmates.

8:30 pm Rice Pilaf

Rediger Auditorium

Join the student body for a fun and hilarious Taylor tradition.

10 pm Explore Residence Halls


Not sure which Residence Hall is right for you? Residence Hall Directors and student staff will be hosting an open house in the eight main residence halls for you to see the rooms and help you find your place on campus.

Ladies, check out English, Olson, Breuninger, Gerig, Bergwall and Swallow Robin.

Guys, take a look at Wengatz, Samuel Morris, Breuninger, Gerig, Bergwall and Swallow Robin.

11 pm Return to your Residence Hall with your Host

Friday, April 1, 2022

7:30–9 am Breakfast

Hodson Dining Commons

Parents and students are welcome to join us for breakfast. The QR code on the back of your name tag is your meal ticket.

9 am–3 pm Available All Day

Classes—Join our current students to see what some of our finest faculty have to offer. Feel free to sit in on a class in your area or pick something that interests you.

Academic Department Experiences—Take a deeper look at your intended major. Faculty advisors will be available for behind-the-scenes tours of the departments, student panels, academic advising, and Q&A sessions. If you are interested in more than one area, feel free to attend multiple sessions. Parents are also invited.

Admissions Counselor Meeting—Admissions Counselors will be available for individual meetings throughout the day. See your Counselor to schedule a time.

Financial Aid—If you have questions about your financial aid package, student loans, or payment plans, our Financial Aid staff are available to assist you. See your Admissions Counselor or stop by the Financial Aid office in the Freimuth Administrative Building.

10 am Chapel

Rediger Auditorium

Join the Taylor student body as we worship together and hear from author and speaker Beth Guckenberger.

11 am Campus Tour

Depart from N. Lobby of LaRita Boren Student Center

If you or your parents haven’t had a chance to see campus, join CREW students for a tour.

11 am–2 pm Lunch

Hodson Dining Commons

Parents and students, join us for lunch. Feel free to grab a seat with your host, fellow classmates, or future friends. The QR code on the back of your name tag is your meal ticket.

1 pm Campus Tour

Depart from Hodson Dining Commons Upper Lobby

Student CREW members will be giving campus tours.

Admissions staff will be available all day in the LaRita Boren Campus Center to give directions, answer questions, and help with anything you need.

Class Schedules

9–10 am

Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

American Literature—Reade Center 240

Biblical Literature I—LaRita Boren Campus Center 103

Biblical Literature II—Reade Center 211

Biblical Literature II: Honors—Reade Center 134

Contemporary Christian Belief: Honors—Reade Center 221

Elementary Korean I—Reade Center 137

Elementary New Testament Greek—Reade Center 133

Epidemiology—Randall Environmental Center 121

History of the United States: Since 1877—Nussbaum Science Center 122

Integrative Communication—Rupp Communication Arts Center 104

Introduction to Christian Ministry—Reade Center 140

Medical Ethics—Reade Center 132

Political Behavior—LaRita Boren Campus Center 145

Public Speaking—Rupp Communication Arts Center 203

The Writer’s Craft—Nussbaum Science Center 205

Vocal Pedagogy & Literature—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 151

World Literature: Honors—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 148

World Religion: Eastern Traditions—Reade Center 241

Natural & Applied Sciences

Advanced Calculus—Euler Science Complex 100

Calculus I—Euler Science Complex 130

Cardiorespiratory Physiology & Chronic Disease—Nussbaum Science Center 301

College Chemistry II—Euler Science Complex 109

Emergency Health Care—Eichling Aquatics Wing 108

Foundations of Exercise Science—Eichling Aquatics Wing 109

Heat Transfer—Euler Science Complex 241

Multi-tier Web Application Development—Euler Science Complex 218

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Child Psychology—Reade Center 234

Christian Financial Planning—Reade Center 116

Corporate Finance—Reade Center 130

Education in America—Euler Science Complex 062

Foundations of Special Education—Euler Science Complex 063

Principles of Macroeconomics—Reade Center 220

11 am–12 pm

Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

Aesthetics—Reade Center 221

Biblical Literature I—Reade Center 211

Conducting II—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 148

Contemporary Christian Belief—LaRita Boren Campus Center 103

Elementary Chinese II—Euler Science Complex 062

Exegesis of Greek New Testament—Reade Center 140

Inductive Study of the Bible—Reade Center 132

Introduction to Global Studies—Reade Center 218

Introduction to Orphans & Vulnerable Children—Reade Center 142

Music Theory & Harmony I—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 151

Music Theory & Harmony III—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 102

Shakespeare—Reade Center 240

Social Media Strategy—Nussbaum Science Center 205

Natural & Applied Sciences

Biochemistry II—Nussbaum Science Center 301

Calculus III—Euler Science Complex 118

Global Health—Randall Environmental Center 121

Information Systems Design—Euler Science Complex 103

Intro to Computer Systems—Euler Science Complex 200

Introduction to Wildlife—Euler Science Complex 108

Math Methods in Physics & Engineering—Euler Science Complex 241

Vertebrate Natural History—Euler Science Complex 108

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Educational Technology in Secondary Education—Euler Science Complex 013

Foundations & Applications of Psychology—Ayres Memorial Hall 214

Introduction to Psychology—Metcalf Visual Arts Center 002

Learning Theory & Application—Reade Center 241

Principles of Microeconomics—Reade Center 220

Psychological Testing—Reade Center 238

Retirement Planning—Reade Center 116

12–1 pm

Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

Audio Production—Rupp Communication Arts Center 222

Biblical Literature I—Reade Center 211

Communication Theory & Research—Rupp Communication Arts Center 104

Historic Christian Belief—Ayres Memorial Hall 214

History of Philosophy II—Reade Center 238

Performance Class—Smith-Hermanson Music Center Recital Hall

Writing Theory & Grammar—Reade Center 132

Natural & Applied Sciences

Applied Nutrition—Eichling Aquatics Wing 109

Blockchain—Euler Science Complex 103

Differential Equations—Euler Science Complex 118

Forensic Science: Life Science—Nussbaum Science Center 301

Geometry & Measure Elementary Teachers—Euler Science Complex 119

Human Relations in Organizations—Euler Science Complex 130

Organic Chemistry II—Euler Science Complex 108

Principles of Human and Computer Interaction—Euler Science Complex 218

Principles of Ecology—Randall Environmental Center

Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics—Euler Science Complex 241

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Educational Psychology—Euler Science Complex 014

Exceptional Children—Euler Science Complex 062

Foundations of Literacy & Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom—Euler Science Complex 063

Theories of Personality—Reade Center 142

1–2 pm

Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

Biblical Literature I—Reade Center 240

Biblical Literature II—Reade Center 211

Contemporary Christian Belief—Euler Science Complex 109

Dance Pedagogy—Kesler Student Activities Center 111

Elementary Korean II—Reade Center 142

Historic Christian Belief—Metcalf Visual Arts Center 002

Introduction to Creative Writing—Reade Center 212

Ministry Program & Curriculum Development—Reade Center 241

The Modern Middle East—Reade Center 234

The Novel—Reade Center 132

Natural & Applied Sciences

Environmental Law & Policy—Randall Environmental Center 113

Foundations of Computer Science—Euler Science Complex 201

Geometry & Measure for Elementary Teachers—Euler Science Complex 119

Introduction to Public Health—Randall Environmental Center 121

Physiology of Exercise—Eichling Aquatics Wing 109

Strength of Materials—Euler Science Complex 200

University Physics II—Euler Science Complex 241

Ways of Knowing: Honors—Euler Science Complex 102

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Applied Portfolio Risk Management—Reade Center 116

Behavior Problems of Children & Adolescents—Reade Center 238

Educational Psychology—Euler Science Complex 014

Introduction to Psychology—Ayres Memorial Hall 214

Foundations of Literacy and Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom—Euler Science Complex 063

Special Education Integrative Seminar—Euler Science Complex 062


Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

Nonprofit Organization Communication—Rupp Communication Arts Center 104

Pentateuch—Reade Center 234

Psychological & Educational Foundations of Christian Ministry—Reade Center 241

Research in Political Studies—Reade Center 130

Secondary School Methods—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 149

Women in World History—Reade Center 220

Biblical Literature II—Ayres Memorial Hall 214

British Literature—Reade Center 218

Critical Approaches to Literature—Reade Center 140

Directing I—Rupp Communication Arts Center 101

Figure Drawing—Metcalf Visual Arts Center 210

Historic Christian Belief—Reade Center 211

Integrative Communication—Rupp Communication Arts Center 203

Intermediate Chinese II—Reade Center 139

Introduction to Art Education—Metcalf Visual Arts Center 008

Natural & Applied Sciences

Biology II: Organisms & Diversity—Euler Science Complex 109

Data Visualization—Nussbaum Science Center 121

General Physics II—Euler Science Complex 241

Information Systems Design—Euler Science Complex 103

Introduction to Public Health—Randall Environmental Center 121

Linear Algebra—Euler Science Complex 118

Physical Chemistry II—Nussbaum Science Center 301

Principles of Soil Science—Randall Environmental Center 117

Renewable Energy Principles—Euler Science Complex 200

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Adolescent Psychology—Reade Center 238

Behavior Management & Disorder—Euler Science Complex 013

Intro to Global Societies—Reade Center 221

Money and Banking—Reade Center 240

3–4 pm

Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

Discipleship and Evangelism—Reade Center 241

Intermediate Korean II—Reade Center 137

Music & World Cultures—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 149

Twenty Centuries of Christian Song—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 102

Wind Ensemble—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 148

Concert Chorale (Runs from 4–5)—Smith-Hermanson Music Center Recital Hall

Natural & Applied Sciences

Cellular & Molecular Biology—Euler Science Complex 108

Computer & Network Operations—Euler Science Complex 218

Math for Junior High/Middle School—Euler Science Complex 119

Social Sciences, Education & Business

Introduction to Global Societies—Reade Center 221

Principles of Engineering—Euler Science Complex 229

Academic Experiences

9 am

Music, Theatre & Dance—Smith-Hermanson Music Center 169 Music Office
Business—Reade Center 118

11 am

Film & Media Production—Rupp Communication Arts Center 234
Pre-nursing, Human Physiology & Preventative Medicine—Kesler Student Activities Center Lobby
Bible, Ministry—Reade Center 152

12 pm

History, Global Studies, Political Science—Reade Center 228
Mathematics—Euler Science Complex 127
Engineering, Physics—Euler Science Complex 229

1 pm

Art—Metcalf Visual Arts Center 206
Biology—Euler Science Complex 3rd Floor Lobby
Pre-majors (Undeclared)—LaRita Boren Campus Center 241
Psychology—Reade Center 140

2 pm

Chemistry, Biochemistry—Euler Science Complex 341
Communication—Rupp Communication Arts Center 205
Education—Euler Science Complex 062, 063
Exercise Science, Kinesiology—Kesler Student Activities Center Lobby
Computer Science—Reade Center 217
Environmental Science—Randall Environmental Center Lobby

Campus Map