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Psychology Majors & Minors 

Psychology BA / Psychology Minor
Taylor’s psychology major integrates the study of the human mind while incorporating your Christian faith. You will learn why people act the way they do and how the mind works. It’s ideal as foundational preparation for graduate study as well as entry into BA-level careers. A practicum or research project is required.

Psychology/Pre-Medicine BA
Our psychology pre-med major combines the 38-hour psychology major and with courses in biology, chemistry, physics and health to prepare for the MCAT exam and entrance into medical, dental and allied health schools. A practicum or research project is required.

Psychology/Systems BS 
Combine your love of psychology with courses in business and computer science, earning you a psychology systems degree. Add to that a practicum in business/systems and you’ll be ready for great jobs like market research or systems analysis. A practicum or research project is required. 

A concentration in psychology is also available with a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education.