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Why Study Political Science at Taylor?

Studying Political Science and International Relations at Taylor will uniquely prepare you to live a life of purpose as you pursue God’s calling for your life. We are passionate about exploring vital issues of domestic and international politics and will encourage you to think critically regarding complex problems. We also have a strong commitment to global engagement especially in the area of religious freedom.

Our Political Science Department produces knowledgeable and well-rounded graduates. We provide balance by offering a broad range of classes including the study of domestic politics, international politics and pre-law. We also invest in our students on a personal level; we are committed to our students not just academically but relationally as well. Our role is not just to teach you for four years but also to equip you to be a life-long servant of God in a world desperately needing His love.

What type of student would be ideally suited to Taylor’s Political Science and International Relations Department?

If you are looking for a degree to lay a foundation for a broad range of careers but also wanting to better understand complex political and social issues, then our political science program is for you. We will help you discover more about the world around you as well as the philosophies and forces shaping our world.

What types of course work and projects will I learn from and participate in to prepare me for the real world?

No matter which career path you choose, critical thinking and problem solving skills are vital to your success. Our faculty will challenge you to think critically in your class work as well as in debates and research. Classes often require you to move beyond the theoretical and outside of the classroom.

Our American Politics course requires students to participate in civic projects ranging from letter writing, to visiting a city council or economic development meeting, to doing research on a policy issue. In our Public Policy class, students work in teams to create a six-stage policy analysis project. These classes and many others develop foundational skills helping you succeed in all areas of your life.

What professional development opportunities are offered outside the classroom?

As a Taylor Political Science and International Relations student, your study of the dynamics and complexities of civil government will not be confined to the classroom but will also include “real life” experiences.

These experiences might include working at a local political office or legal clinic, writing papers for undergraduate conferences or applying for research team positions within the department. There are numerous opportunities to work in our nation’s capital as well as travel overseas and work in foreign cultures. Previous students have worked for government offices and agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, churches, missionary organizations and more. 

Will I have the opportunity to study abroad through this program?

You will have many opportunities to study away from TU, both in more traditional classroom settings as well as internships where you are able to learn directly from professionals in your field of study. Our students have traveled to many countries including Italy, England, Turkey and South Africa.