Chemistry & Biochemistry

Think interdisciplinary, interpersonal, interactive

Chemists and biochemists don’t always work alone in a lab, hunched over equipment with their lab coats on. Today’s chemists embrace liberal arts education and excel in environments where they work together with peers. The opportunities to work in these fields are endless and include working with botanists to protect crops, partnering with kinesiology professors to improve exercise science processes, or working with others in the medical field to cure diseases.

All Chemistry & Biochemistry majors take rigorous classes that touch on the various directions of chemistry, from computational chemistry to biochemistry. Because of the breadth and flexibility within this department, students can easily find the best degrees to fit their goals and passions. Learn about our degree options.

At Taylor, you get the additional benefit of working with chemistry and biochemistry faculty who are passionate about showing you how to integrate your faith into what you'll do every day. You will also have the opportunity to work on real-world projects in the Euler Science Complex with state-of-the-art equipment

Join the ranks of alumni who have a 95% placement into medical school, 100% placement rate for all graduate schools, and 99% placement rate for industry and teaching.

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Dr. Dan King talks about the interdisciplinary nature of the Chemistry program.

Listen to Dr. King talk about the department. Look over our degrees and majors. Better yet, come visit campus and take a tour of the Euler Science Complex.

Dr. Dan King, analytical chemistry professor, discusses the opportunities students will have at Taylor to do interdisciplinary research with faculty and peers.

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