Advance Registration dates are tentative and subject to change.  Course offerings (including changes in time, day, and the assignment of instructors) may be added to, amended, or canceled by the decision of a department or the University.

Oct. 3

Deadline for major changes and all AP and transfer credit for registration priority

Oct. 12

Interterm/Spring 2017 schedules posted online

Oct. 20

Midterm grades due by 5 PM (all grades below C- should be posted)

Oct. 17

Academic advising begins

Nov. 2

Graduate students: TOWER registration enabled

Nov. 2

Seniors: TOWER registration enabled

Nov. 4

Juniors: TOWER registration enabled

Nov. 8

Priority registration for select freshman/sophomore athletes at 3:00 PM

Nov. 9

Sophomores: TOWER registration enabled

Nov 15

Freshmen: TOWER registration enabled


Open registration

Dec. 1

Graduation applications due for any student planning to graduate Fall 2017 or Interterm 2018

Contact the Registrar's Office at 765.998.5129 or email with registration questions.


Readmitted Students

Students who have been readmitted (.pdf) through the Office of Admissions will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar via email or phone regarding registration procedures.  Readmitted students should contact their academic advisors to pre-approve their class schedules.

Guest Students

Guest registration (.pdf) will be accepted through the Office of Admissions and registered after all current students have had the opportunity register. Guest students are not eligible for advance registration.

Contact the Office of Admissions at 765.998.2751 or email with questions on applying as a readmitted or guest student.