Master of Business Administration

Q: What makes Taylor’s MBA Program different than other Master’s of Business Programs?

The Taylor MBA incorporates sound business practices, new and upcoming business concepts, rigorous academic quality while incorporating Biblical truth and Christian principles.

Angie Scott, MBA Alumni

 “...It’s nice for those of us who may or may not work in Christian organizations to see that Christians can be successful in business and can live out their faith in non-Christian organizations.”  Angie Scott, MBA Alumni

Cathy Gallmeyer, MBA Alumni 

“The education is based upon current materials...Also, the Christian-based education comes through with every angle of the learning process.” Cathy Gallmeyer, MBA Alumni

"The most distinctive part of the program is the flexibility of the program without sacrificing the key learnings.  While the program offers an online curriculum, we also meet as a class to ensure that our questions are answered and the topics are made clear before assigning the work.  The other item that makes the program distinctive is the length of the program.  That was a selling point for me, knowing I was going to be done in less than 2 years."  Chelsea DuKate, MBA Student

Q: What is the value of the Taylor MBA?

Taylor’s tuition and fees are very competitive and often lower than other schools of comparable academic excellence.  Taylor’s pricing remains the same during the duration of the program for each individual student.  There are no hidden fees or unforeseen price increases.

Taylor’s MBA staff work closely with you throughout your time in the program from the time of your first contact throughout your graduation to help alleviate the added stress that normally comes with working with multiple office throughout the University.

Taylor’s Faculty walk along side students throughout each term serving as coach, mentor, expert, and guide .  Students are able to get real-life applications for their current jobs as well as work on growing their business while working on their MBA all with highly qualified faculty working with them along the way.

“Taylor is extremely cost effective.  You can’t put another program up against Taylor and get more value than what you are paying for.  Along with this, and important for me, relationships are being built with faculty, staff, and fellow students “ Cathy Gallmeyer, MBA Alumni

Q: How does the MBA Faculty impact the education you received? 

Michael Borton, MBA Alumni“The professors here are experienced, interested and invested in you..  Beyond the academic study that will lead to a job, the interaction with professors has been integral to the faith integration you get with this program.  Many other programs will help you advance in your career, but the mentoring you get from the faculty and staff has been important to me.” Michael Borton, MBA Alumni

“The professors at Taylor are truly mentors—they are here because they want to make a difference.  Additionally, they come with real world experience.” ~ Cathy Gallmeyer, MBA Alumni

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Q: Is the Taylor MBA Program Accredited?

Taylor University and the Taylor MBA Program are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Q: Will I be able to interact with my professors and classmates?

Chelsea DuKate, MBA Student

“This program has the perfect mix of online and in-class activity.  Enough time exists to build rapport with the students and faculty face-to-face, while also allowing for the flexibility of completing assignments via online.  The personal touch is always available if that is what the student needs to succeed.” Chelsea DuKate, MBA Student