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The story of Samuel Morris has had a tremendous impact on the world. Taylor University is often contacted by people wanting to know more about Morris or simply share their stories.

If you have been touched by Morris, we invite you to submit your experience. We will post select submissions on this page to share some of the impact Morris continues to have today. (We reserve the right to edit submissions for size, grammar and content.)

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Read what others have said about Samuel Morris:

  • I'm from South Africa, but am currently attending school in Indiana. I heard the story when I was in Africa and it has ever since been a inspiration to my life. I have been to his tombstone in Fort Wayne and really appreciate how the Lord used that man.
    -- Katiso, 01/29/2009
  • Praise the Lord! Just yesterday I came to know about my brother in Christ Samuel Morris. My mom got his biography in our mother tongue Malayalam. She read it out to me just a few pages till about his desire to reach New York. But from that little what I heard I could see a child so much into His father. Though he went through a lot of hardships that desire and blind faith towards his Father really touched me. I have decided to get a copy of his biography in English to read which I believe would be very helpful and Spiritful not only for me but also for my children and all those who I would come across. Thank my Lord and pray that I too become an useful instrument in His hands like He made this little hero of His. God Bless all.
    -- Merlyn, 05/27/2007
  • My family and I travel and sing nationwide. After a while, my singing, I felt, had become a performance, rather than a ministry. I prayed to God that he would stir me as deeply as a tragedy would have stirred me, but without the tragedy. A lady in Illinois handed me Samuel Morris' Heroes of the Faith book and I couldn't put it down! I have never been stirred by another book, besides the Bible, like I have been by that book! I still cry when I speak of him to others. I just met a young Bible student from Kenya and shared Samuel Morris' story with him.
    -- Sonja, 09/15/2006
  • After struggling and begging God to make me a good Christian, I came upon the Samuel Morris story in the church library. Just Believe, armed with unshakeable faith, a pure heart that sincerely loves God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Trusting God to keep His promises opens our hearts and lets Him in to love through us. Thank God for His faithful Children.
    -- April, 07/16/2006
  • Finding my Prince....
    One day after walking into a Christian store in Miami, I fell upon a book called "Heroes of Faith" which talked about Samuel Morris. As I'm reading this book I realize that this Prince is from my home Liberia. Being a born again Christian and being in the midst of a trial season right now, this book has increased my faith to a new level. My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29.11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." In my eyes, Prince Kaboo brought that scripture to life. I just thank God that I found my Prince.
    -- Margie, 06/27/2006
  • My faith feels to have physically increased each time I've read Samuel Morris' story. After talking about the Holy Spirit with my 6th grade class, we started to read the book. They loved it, and couldn't wait to get to the next chapter. One of the boys began pouring his heart out to God on paper (during detention!) and he was met and filled by the Holy Spirit. He was amazed that he found himself calling out many of the same things Sammy did. He read his psalms to the class, and they were speechless and then clapped. I pray that this is just the beginning of God truly opening their hearts.
    -- Marie, 06/03/2006
  • I am a Liberian who presently lives in South Bend, Indiana. I read the story of Samuel Morris many years ago after my conversion, and it really touched me. I have lived in Indiana for the past 7 years, but I never knew until tonight that Samuel Morris lived in Fort Wayne and attended Taylor University. I am inspired by the impact my fellow countryman had on this community, which speaks a lot to me.
    -- Peter, 02/09/2006
  • I just got the book today and I have finished reading it. It is encouraging and it is my prayers that this year I may become more close to our God. God bless everyone involved in the publishing of the Samuel Morris story.
    -- Jacob, 01/26/2006
  • Me imapcto por la uncion del Espritu Santo, que lo uso a este hombre y la fe de este varon de Dios.

    I am impacted by the annointing of the Holy Spirit on this man and by the faith of this man of God.
    -- Victor, 12/19/2005
  • I am home-schooled and was assigned to read a book about Sammy. The book really touched my life.
    -- Corbin, 04/12/2005
  • Ao tomar conhecimento do livro aqui no Brasil, e ao lê-lo, fui impactado tremendamente pelo testemunho de Samuel Morris e obtive um esperiência profunda pela presença do Espírito Santo enquanto lia o livro. Até hoje as experiências de Samuel me desafiam a querer mais da presença e soberania do Espírito Santo em minha vida.

    As I became aware of the book here in Brazil, and read it, I was impacted tremendously by the testimony of Samuel Morris and had a profound experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit as I read. The experience of Samuel has challenged me to want more of the presence and sovereignty of the Holy Spirit in my own life.
    -- Robson, 04/10/2005
  • The biography of Samuel Morris was very influential for me! ~ I didn't realize that this university was still in existence. I like this website.
    -- Chris, 10/27/2004
  • The story of Samuel Morris is a reminder of how to live a life of piety and faith in Christ. (I couldn't have asked for a better role model). Sammy was a true Christian, and the story of his life has become the testimony of his faith.
    -- Thomas, 10/26/2004