Lighthouse embodies our philosophy of integrating faith and learning. The program has enabled students to gain unforgettable, life-changing experiences while learning and serving cross-culturally around the world.

As part of the Lighthouse program, you must go through an application process to join a team. Once accepted to a specific Lighthouse team, you are enrolled in a one-credit course in the fall, which helps prepare you, along with your faculty sponsors and fellow students, for your trip. Students then receive three credits during January-term (J-term), a mini-term between first and second semester, for your on-field service-learning course, which fulfills the General Education requirement for a cross-cultural course. 

However, the learning a Lighthouse trip provides goes far beyond the academics of a cross-cultural experience. It serves as a light of God’s love and compassion to those being served, and a beacon of deeper faith and understanding to those who serve. Read about experiences students, who are just like you, had during their trips this past January.

"Every time I speak with a current or perspective student and share my Taylor experience, I always highlight my Lighthouse trip as a pivotal and illuminating moment of my time at Taylor."

-Tony Manganello, Singapore Lighthouse Team

Approximately 80-100 Taylor students share in a diverse set of trips each year. Teams have previously served in areas, such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal, The Czech Republic, Peru and Southeast Asia, where the dominant worldviews include Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism and Atheism. The Basque region of Spain has recently been added as a new Lighthouse destination!

See Lighthouse in action

Lighthouse Peru Team Watch the Peru team, led by Jennifer Trudeau and Heather Tyner (MAHE '13), as they support the Hogar Casa Luz kids home in Peru. Hear from several students about the time they spent with kids of all ages—playing, teaching, and showing them the love of Christ.

SOE Accredited MemberTaylor University strives for excellence in all international service-learning programs and is an accredited member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission initiative