STULIFE Spiritual Life

Our 'Life Together Covenant'

Being a part of a community means agreeing to certain standards and expectations. This is true of any community, including Taylor. As we live and learn together, those standards and expectations are essential to creating an environment in which we can all grow and flourish.

The Life Together Covenant contains a wonderful description of the characteristics that make up the Taylor community. It isn’t intended to be a set of rules and regulations, looking over your shoulder and keeping you in line. It is a promise we make to one another—a promise to love and encourage one another because our commitment to Christ. It’s a promise to abstain from certain behaviors and attitudes that can be harmful to our community as a whole, and to encourage those who help others to grow in faith and wisdom.

Of course, it is impossible to create a set of expectations with which everyone agrees. These standards are not meant to serve as a spiritual yardstick nor are they intended to promote a legalistic attitude. Instead, they serve as boundaries so all members of our community can experience the freedom of serving others and serving our Savior.

Serving our Savior through fellowship with the people around us is what the Taylor Towel is all about.