STULIFE Spiritual Life

Campus Worship

As an individual and as part of a community, there are many ways to grow spiritually at Taylor. These opportunities include Chapel services, Sunday Worship, and Special Opportunities.

Corporate Worship

You don’t have to be on campus very long to realize our Christian faith is central to life at Taylor. Our students come from a wide variety of evangelical traditions and, as an interdenominational school, you don’t have to be from a particular denomination to feel at home here. Taylor is all about growing the body of Christ through community and opportunities.

Speakers that come to help us grow through these opportunities, reflect the diversity of our students’ backgrounds though all come with a commitment to Christ and the Scriptures. They include men and women from among our faculty and staff as well as those from throughout the United States and around the world who speak to a variety of topics and experiences by way of the Bible.

Chapel is a great way to connect with fellow students as well as faculty and staff three days a week. Although Chapel provides community growth, we encourage students find a church home on Sunday mornings while at Taylor. There are more than 60 churches in the surrounding area from nearly 20 different denominations that you can to choose from. Sunday Night Community is a weekly student led evening service that provides a time of singing, testimonies, and prayer. There are also many other Special Opportunities Taylor schedules for students to grow individually and as a community.

Coming together as a student body with staff and facility to worship our Savior is an integral part of the spiritual life at Taylor.