Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about residence life and living at Taylor are answer below, separated into categories of general, residence halls and student rooms, technology, and housekeeping and cleaning.


Where do students go when there is a tornado warning?

Every building on campus will have a designated area for people to go to when there is a tornado warning.

Does Taylor accept large shipments for students; specifically can we ship furniture for their room?

Taylor will facilitate delivery of a large shipment provided the following four conditions are met:

  1. Advance approval is obtained from Facilities Services (Greg Eley, Director) before delivery is scheduled.
  2. Taylor University has no responsibility for inspecting the shipment upon delivery or assisting the student in delivery/assembly.
  3. Taylor University assumes no responsibility for damage/theft between delivery and removal.
  4. The item is picked up within 2 business days.

How do I know my student’s mailing address?

Taylor University
(Student Name)
(Name of Residence Hall)
236 West Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989-1001

Does Taylor provide access to any kind of “student homeowner’s insurance” with which to insure our student’s valuables while a student at the University?

Taylor does not provide this type of insurance. What many parents do is check with their insurance agent to see if their individual homeowners insurance has coverage for students away at college.


Residence Halls & Student Rooms:

When will our student find out which residence hall they will be living in this fall?

They should find out their residence hall and roommate during Summer Orientation. For those unable to attend either Orientation, the Housing Office will notify them in July or August.

Are students allowed to stay in their rooms during school breaks?

Students are not allowed to stay on campus during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break’s. Normally, students who live too far away to go home during these times will go to another student’s home or to a Taylor faculty or staff home.

Are lofted beds permitted in the residence hall room?

Taylor does not allow lofts to be built, however all furniture provided in the rooms is stackable. Students do become very creative in moving furniture around both vertically and horizontally in their rooms. Each room tends to take on a unique culture to the residents of the room!

Can a student bring a window fan to use in their room?

Window fans are acceptable; just remember that air conditioners are not permitted. 

Can students bring a refrigerator to campus?

Refrigerators are allowed in the residence hall rooms but they can be no larger than 4 cubic feet.

Where do students store their bicycles in the winter?

Most of the residence halls will have storage space available for storing their bicycles. If your student has difficulty finding space, they can always ask a faculty or staff member if they could store them at their house.



Does Taylor have Internet access in the dorms and common areas on campus? Is it filtered?

There is Wi-Fi all across the campus and wired in the residence halls. The reason it is wired in the residence halls is to make it twice as fast as the rest of campus. It is also filtered throughout the campus.

If students have their own computer, is there somewhere they can print or do they also need their own printer? If students do not have their own computer, is there a computer lab where they can type and print their own papers?

Computers are available in the Nussbaum Science building, Reade Center, and the Zondervan Library for students to use. They do not need their own printer—printers for student use are available in the Reade Center as well as in the Library. A number of students do bring their own printers, but it is not necessary.  

Can our student bring a television with them for their room?

Yes, they can bring a television, but no toasters, microwaves, or appliances with open heating coils are allowed. Small refrigerators of 4.0 cubic feet or less are fine to bring.

Is there a cable hook–up for a television in the individual residence hall rooms?

Yes, every room has a hook up for cable on the Taylor network for televisions.


Housekeeping & Cleaning:

Are there laundry facilities available? Is there a fee?

The laundry fee is included in the bill for housing. There are facilities available in each residence hall at no additional charge. Washing machines in our residence halls are high-efficiency.

If a student is housed in a residence hall that has a bathroom in the room, do they need to bring their own toilet paper?

No, it is provided.

Do the “community bathrooms” have soap dispensers and dryers/paper towels or do we need to buy hand soap?

The “community bathrooms” do have soap dispensers as well as new high-energy efficiency hand dryers.

Do we need to bring a waste paper basket for our student’s room? 

While there will be large waste baskets in each hall, it is advisable to bring one for your student’s room.

Do our students need to bring their own cleaning supplies to clean their bathrooms? Is there a vacuum available to them?

Students do not have to bring cleaning supplies to clean their bathrooms. The cleaning staff regularly cleans them. The exception would be Bergwall Hall where there are bathrooms in the rooms. The bathrooms are cleaned approximately three times per semester; the students are responsible for doing their own cleaning the rest of the time in Bergwall. Every residence hall has vacuums available for students to use.