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Life at Taylor

Life at Taylor

An intentional community of believers.

Life at Taylor

Our commitment to intentional community is one of the fundamental aspects that makes Taylor, Taylor. This allows you to learn, grow, and be challenged by one another.

You may think when you go off to college you will leave the feeling of family behind. While your roommates and fellow students will all come from different backgrounds and experiences, you have do have one important thing in common: a faith in Jesus and a desire to live out that faith together in community.

That sense of community is built into everything we do, and begins the day you arrive on campus. While moving in, you might expect to find yourself in the “freshman dorm.” But at Taylor, residence halls aren’t divided by class year. We recognize the value in relationships between under and upper classman. The student next door might be a senior who leads the Bible study on your floor, or a junior asking you to eat dinner at the Dining Commons with the wing. 

Today you’re just getting to know the Taylor community. It might be daunting to think about opening yourself up to living life in community like this, but four years from now, you’ll be glad you forgot about playing it safe. In fact, by then you may be afraid that when you go off after graduation, you will leave your Taylor family behind. But the Taylor towel, given to you at graduation, will just be one reminder—the Taylor family is part of your life well after graduation.

Intentional Community is the process of regularly gathering together.

This process will immediately start to form your son or daughter and is why they will eat with everyone else on campus at the Dining Commons, and maybe live next to an upper classman who could lead their small group.