STULIFE Intercultural Community

Office of Intercultural Programs

The Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) is dedicated to honoring God by meeting the individual needs of international students, American ethnic students, missionary kids (MKs), and third culture kids (TCKs) at Taylor University. The Office works to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment, which provides educational and experiential opportunities for all students, staff and faculty. Our programs stimulate meaningful dialogue regarding issues of diversity and racial reconciliation, ultimately reflecting the splendor of God’s creation in every culture.

The OIP supports the recruitment, retention and development of intercultural students at Taylor. The Office supports diverse student groups on campus, providing leadership opportunities and advocating for students' unique concerns. By partnering with other departments on campus, the Office of Intercultural Programs works to serve and empower intercultural students as they develop into servant leaders.

We supervise, provide leadership training, and advise these eight student organizations:

  • Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness (ASIA)
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Latino Student Union (LSU)
  • Middle East Collegiate Association (MECA)
  • Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA)
  • MuKappa (missionary kids organization)
  • International Student Society (ISS)
  • Voices of Praise Gospel Choir

The Office of Intercultural Programs is committed to enriching the Taylor community by implementing programs that promote awareness and sensitivity to diversity-related issues, and encouraging positive, respectful and meaningful dialogue regarding these issues. The Office fosters intercultural community at Taylor by providing a welcoming environment and educational opportunities for all students, faculty and staff. We believe all Taylor students are better prepared for the future by engaging in programs that cultivate understanding by interacting with a diverse community. 

Meet the

Read about Cecilia Macias

Meet the Director of
American Ethnic Student Programs

Cecilia Macias

Cecilia Macias was born in Georgia but moved to Mexico during early childhood. She moved to Chicago when she was nine. At 15, she realized Jesus was the Way and the Truth and the Life and wanted to pursue a career where she could serve the Lord.

Following graduation from the University of Illinois as a Communications student, she earned a Master’s at Ball State just 20 minutes from Taylor. Cecilia didn’t make a connection at first; but after conversation with fellow Master student and Taylor admissions director Amy Barnett, Cecilia realized she had visited Taylor with J-Gen (Joshua Generation), a predominately Korean group during a summer retreat.

She remembers loving Taylor and jokingly asked if Amy would hire her. Amy told her about an open position she should apply for. “Cecilia is a passionate woman,” Barnett comments. “She exudes a joy that comes from the Lord and a love of people that is a gift to all around her.”

Cecilia has fallen in love with her students and has been doing her best to stand up for them and pour her heart into them since starting her new position. “I want to be in a place where I can impact students in meaningful ways,” Macias says. “I could have done that somewhere else, but Taylor lined up with my personal views.”