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Calling & Career

The Calling and Career Office offers more than just career information for after graduation. They invest in students by helping them figure out the calling God has for their lives, and then providing professional opportunities for students to follow that call.

The Calling and Career Office (CCO) has made a constant and comprehensive commitment to help Taylor students live out the University’s mission by discovering, realizing, and pursuing the highest and best uses of their God-given talents. We help students find their calling and career path by connecting them to relevant information, experiences, and people.

Whether you’ve had your career plans mapped out since kindergarten or are coming to Taylor with your interests and options wide open, the Calling and Career Office is here to help you discover, refine, and/or achieve your goals. Our liberal arts education gives you the time and opportunity to explore and experience; this flexibility is one of the best aspects a Taylor education offers.

We help students connect their Taylor experience—their development and education inside and outside of the classroom—with their future career goals, and provide them with practical knowledge through internships, mission work, global experiences, and other unique opportunities. 

The CCO has helped others get jobs and discover their calling. The CCO can help you.

“I am so thankful the Calling and Career Office still wants to help alumni in their job search even months after graduation! I felt so prepared for my interviews after participating in a mock interview in the career center. Don’t go through your senior year without several appointments in the Calling and Career Office… they could just help you land that great first post-college job!” —Heidi ’12 (Communication)

“I am so grateful for the connections the Calling and Career Office provided me. The office gave me the opportunity to participate in an accounting interview day, which ultimately lead to a full-time job after graduation. I so appreciate their desire to see students succeed and take that next step in life.” —Kirsten ’13 (Accounting)

The Calling and Career Office is meant to help your student find their calling and provide them with opportunities for them to pursue it.

A Rutgers University study found that less than half of college students find a job within 12 months of graduating. Taylor’s institutional success rate (full-time or part-time employment or graduate school) reached 97% for students within 6 months.