Taylor Biology Majors Spend Semester in Ecuador

By John Moore Published: Feb 10, 2014

Ecuador Group at Cathedral in Quito

Twenty-six Taylor University Biology Pre-Health majors (Pre-med, Pre-dent, PA, Nursing, PT and Public Health) have arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador, to begin a semester-long program. The students will live in the homes of Christian host families and study:

Spanish - one full year

Latin American History - General Education History Course

Human Medical Physiology (A clinical approach) - majors physiology course taught at the medical school

Medical Internship - in hospitals, medical clinics, and medical brigades

Latin Dance - PHP or Participation in the Arts Credit

The students begin their tour with a study of the capital of Ecuador (Quito) and a examination of the culture of people living on the equator.

Visit the Taylor Univesity Cuenca Program Facebook page to see activities and photographs.