Technology for Teaching Draws 130 Educators to Campus

By Jim Garringer Published: Aug 13, 2012

Taylor University, Upland, Ind.

Taylor University’s 10th annual Technology for Teaching conference is scheduled for Thursday, August 16, and Friday, August 17, on the Taylor campus.

Event planners say 130 faculty and administrators from Taylor and neighboring colleges and universities are expected. Technology for Teaching will be held in the newly-completed Euler Science Complex – Taylor’s $41.4 million facility which has been under construction for the past two years.

Gary Friesen, director of Taylor’s Educational Technology Center, said the event’s offerings would center on Blackboard-related technology, which is used extensively by Taylor and other colleges and universities.

“We had the idea 10 years ago to do something significant for our faculty prior to the start of school,” he said. “Some of the nearby universities use similar tools so we began to invite them as well. The first year attendance was about 65, but it grew steadily.”

“I get really good feedback,” Friesen added. “Every year we get 60 or so of our full time faculty attending, and it is totally voluntary. That tells me the faculty finds value in the event. We keep getting other schools and many colleagues coming back each year which means they are finding it to be of value as well.”