Nationally Recognized Creation Care Advocate to Speak at Taylor

Published: Nov 08, 2011

Peter Illyn, a nationally recognized minister and environmental advocate, will speak at Taylor University at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 8 in Room 215 of the Ayres Alumni Memorial Hall.

Illyn’s visit to Taylor is part of a tour of Indiana campuses in the month of November. His goal is to inspire students to consider concern for the world around them as an extension of their faith.

"Two hundred and fifty years ago, alongside the emergence of the evangelical church we also saw new forms of science, the rise of the industrial era, and the deism of the Enlightenment thinkers,” says Illyn. “Many parts of these worldviews became unintentionally intertwined leading to today's disregard for environmental concerns by many Christians. Now, instead of seeing the earth as a garden that provides us fruit if nurtured, modern Christians see the earth as a gearbox – a machine that only needs to be maintained for its utilitarian value."

“We are all very excited to have Peter in Indiana,” says Kevin Crosby, Coordinator of Stewardship & Sustainability at Taylor University. “Peter weaves an amazing story, explaining the complicated moral issues of environmental justice and the place they have in Christian values.”

Illyn is the founder of Restoring Eden, an Oregon-based Christian nature appreciation and environmental stewardship ministry dedicated to helping Christians rediscover the biblical call to love, serve and protect God’s creation. His efforts have been featured in numerous media including: Outside Magazine, the Osgood Files, Faithworks, Charisma, Washington Post, CBS Evening News, CNN and Christianity Today.

Local sponsors for the tour include: Restoring Eden, Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light, Hoosier Environmental Council, Taylor University, Anderson University, and Goshen College; co-sponsors and hosting venues include Indiana Wesleyan University and the University of Notre Dame.