Local Schoolchildren Can Receive Art Instruction from Taylor Students

Published: Oct 04, 2011

The Morris Statue Garden at Taylor University

The Taylor University Art Department is offering art lessons for community children. These are private, one-on-one art lessons taught by Taylor art students and are open to any child ages 5-High School.

The lessons are one-hour in length and the cost is $11 per lesson, payable by the semester. A variety of mediums can be covered with an emphasis in a particular area of interest to the child. Lessons can begin right away with the day and time arranged by the parent and Taylor student.

To register for this program, contact Erika Mortland in the Art Department office: 765-998-4765, or erika_mortland@taylor.edu. For additional information call Kathy Herrmann, 998-4686 or ktherrman@taylor.edu.