Taylor Biology Professors Engage the World

Published: Jun 06, 2012

Dr. John Moore and Dr. Jeff Regier

Two Taylor professors, Dr. John Moore and Dr. Jeffrey Regier, have expanded their global interaction by teaching at the Universidad del Azuay (UdA) in Cuenca, Ecuador during December of 2011.

Of the more than 10,000 applicants for the Fulbright scholarship, Moore is one of only 266 to be accepted. Dr. Moore provided much needed professional development for undergraduate biology and science faculty in Ecuador.  His primary focus was at UdA, but he spoke throughout the country for the Fulbright Ecuador and the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador.  With his expertise in professional development (Dr. Moore is Past President of the National Association of Biology Teachers and the President Elect of the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc.) the Department of Biology at UdA create a model for a professional development conference in undergraduate biology education for all of Ecuador that is scheduled for November of 2012.

Regier provided his expertise in the areas of cell molecular biology and molecular genetics to help update and train faculty in the newer models of undergraduate biology education.  Dr. Regier also provided training by teaching two graduate/undergraduate courses at UdA on recent advances in cellular and molecular biology. He also presented seminars to the faculty on current understandings within cell and molecular biology.

Both Drs. Moore and Regier plan to return to Cuenca.  Dr. Moore will be a keynote speaker at the first national conference in November.  Dr. Moore is also the Director of Ecuador Programs and will be returning to continue the development of these programs.  One example is the Pre-medical majors program currently in Cuenca Dr. Regier will be returning to continue the development of the molecular genetics areas of UdA.