Jesus in the 9 to 5 is Hensley’s Latest Work

By Jared Hammond Published: Feb 13, 2014

Dr. Dennis Hensley

What might happen if you went to work one day and found Jesus Christ sitting at the boss’s desk? How would your attitude towards work change? These are the questions answered by Dr. Dennis Hensley, director of Taylor University’s Professional Writing Program, in his newly-published book Jesus in the 9 to 5.

In Jesus in the 9 to 5, Hensley offers a unique combination of fictional storytelling and nonfiction motivational lessons. Each lesson is ended with a vignette portraying Jesus in a modern day setting as he builds up a successful business and gives away all of the profits. “You think of Jesus as being way back there,” said Hensley, “but I think of Jesus as very contemporary. So I'm going to show you that what he did 2100 years ago could be done exactly the same way today only in a new venue.”

Hensley recreates many of the events from Jesus’ life as they would take place in the 21st century and he does it with humor. The first vignette opens with, “Jesus Christ walked into Decker’s Bar and Grill,” and it goes from there. Jesus helps a modern version of Peter who has been drinking his life away. In one scene Jesus squeezes a bottle of wine and shortly after Peter takes a drink he spits it out complaining it tastes like water. It’s the reverse of the miracle of turning water into wine.

The nonfiction sections offer lessons about time management, financial management, goal setting, personal motivation, and quality workmanship. “I'm trying to give readers really pragmatic help,” said Hensley. “The book may be addressed to people who are leaders in business, but if you're the leader of a family or the leader of a church group then there are all kinds of things that are going to be applicable to your life.”

The book has gotten a positive reaction from early reviews. In November it received the Publisher’s Choice award from Christian Fiction Online Magazine. Jesus in the 9 to 5 has also been recognized by media that include The Seattle Examiner, Moody Publishers, and The Salvation Army.

Hensley will have several book-related appearances on national television talk shows during the next month. On Sunday, February 16, at 7:30 a.m., he will be interviewed on The Restoration Road (locally broadcast on NBC-TV, channel 33, Fort Wayne). On Tuesday, February 18, he will be interviewed on The Harvest Show on WHMB cable channel 1007 at 9:00 a.m., with a rebroadcast at 8:00 p.m. (the LeSea national TV network).

The Professional Writing program at Taylor University offers students the opportunity to learn about writing and publishing while publishing their own works as part of the curriculum. Hensley is the author of 54 books including six novels and eight textbooks. He has written more than 150 short stories and 3,500 newspaper and magazine articles.