Dr. Andy Whipple Delivers SNAS Distinguished Faculty Address

Published: Apr 25, 2013

Dr. Andy Whipple will deliver the 2013 School of Natural and Applied Sciences (SNAS) Distinguished Lecture at 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 26, during Taylor’s Heritage Weekend.

Whipple, Professor of Biology, Senior Researcher, Research Advisor, and Faith and Learning Specialist will discuss his extensive research and experimentation with azaleas and the creation of an extensive azalea garden on the Taylor campus near the Memorial Prayer Chapel.

The lecture will take place in Room 109 of the Euler Science Complex and is open to the public. There is no charge for admission.

Whipple holds degrees from:

  • The Ohio State University, B.S. Microbiology/Biochemistry, 1971
  • State University of New York, M.S. Biochemistry, 1974
  • State University of New York, Ph. D., Cell Biology, 1979
  • Sidney Farer Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cell Biology, 1979-81
  • Taylor University, B.S., Biblical Literature, 1999

“Taylor University combines serious commitments to both higher education and to the lordship of Jesus Christ, as reflected in the goal of successful integration of learning and faith,” says Whipple. “This level of commitment is unexceeded within the world of Christian colleges, and I am pleased to be part of this commitment and institutional effort on behalf of our students.”