Charles Schwab, Inc. Gift Funds Updated Taylor University Finance Lab

By Angelina Burkholder Published: Oct 08, 2014

Finance Lab

A significant gift to Taylor University’s finance program from Charles Schwab, Inc., has allowed Taylor to relocate and update its finance lab with state-of-the-art equipment. Now located on the first floor of Reade Liberal Arts Center, the new lab features a stock ticker, interactive display, and other monitors designed to enhance student learning.  

The lab functions primarily as a research and meeting room for both the domestic and international endowment teams – these teams are student groups that manage about $1.8 million of the University’s endowment fund. Treated as real investment managers by the University Board of Trustees, these students gain experience trading and investing stocks in a professional environment.

Through continued monetary support from Charles Schwab, Inc., over the next several years, the Finance Program will be able to add even more equipment to the lab. The money will also send several top students to New York City for a portfolio competition and conference every year.