The Impact

At Taylor, we relate to one another with a distinct intentionality evident in how we teach and learn, worship and grow, play and succeed… together. It happens in chapel, on athletic playing fields, the classrooms, dining commons, and the residence halls. Community happens wherever we go and in whatever we do, because intentional interactions create opportunities for Christ-centered discipleship to happen. This building will serve multiple purposes…

Campus Center Icon Interaction
In a new Campus Center all of the organizations and programs supporting this core purpose will share a common home for the first time. Significant gathering spaces, large and small, will amplify and accentuate service and leadership opportunities, showcase the impact of critical initiatives, and encourage students to reflect deeply with faculty and peers on what it means to live and be exemplary of the Taylor mission.
Taylor students learn to lead by allowing themselves to be led and by observing the leadership example of faculty and staff. Because a broad spectrum of programs and activities will be in this building, the modeling of this behavior on a larger scale will accelerate and enrich the development of people to influence the Kingdom.
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Campus Center Icon Servant Leadership
Being intentional about creating more opportunities for frequent, rich and purposeful interactions—faculty with students, staff with students, and students with students as well as students with alumni and parents—is of the highest importance for sustaining and amplifying the Taylor mission to be servant leaders.
Intercultural Effectiveness
The student body is more global and diverse than ever before. And by the time they graduate, 70% of students have studied abroad or participated in an international mission experience. The new building will allow all students to see the greater dimensions of the world they will inherit, to gain experience in working across more cultures, and to build relationships through cross-cultural interaction with our diverse student body.
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Campus Center Icon Chapel
Joining together three times a week for chapel services is one of the most important activities that defines the Taylor experience and its enduring impact. The strategic design of this new facility showcases the current Chapel as the heart of the structure and the Taylor community, emphasizing the centrality of biblical teaching, intentional community, and spiritual growth.
Calling and Career
The transition from campus to calling and career must be facilitated by the development of and introduction to a rich network of caring alumni, parents, and friends to make crucial connections and provide experienced counsel. The potential to fully achieve this holistic approach will be realized through the expanded Calling and Career Office, purposefully and prominently located in the Campus Center.
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Campus Center Icon Emotional and Physical Well-Being
In today’s broken world, a host of factors tear at the emotional and physical stability of our youth leading to vulnerable temptations, addictions, or empty allurements. With Taylor’s whole-person approach, counselors often team with residence life personnel, faculty, and staff to identify and address the needs of our students. In the new Campus Center, the Counseling Office is designed to be more approachable and of greater service to students, yet it is not so public students will be reluctant in seeking help.
Alumni, Parents and Friends
Taylor lacks a large, warm and welcoming place for its extended family, whether it is for larger, formal multi-purpose functions or many small informal or spontaneous ones. With the new facility, current students will be given vivid evidence there is more to the Taylor experience than their four years on campus and much more awaiting them when they return as alumni. 
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