Ways to Give

GIVING BY CREDIT CARD (Taylor accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)


    You may give to Taylor online through this website.

Development Office
Taylor University
236 W Reade Ave
Upland, IN  46989-1001


For your convenience, Taylor University accepts credit card gifts by telephone. University Advancement now offers a 24 hour gift line.  That number is (800) 882-3456, ext. 5310 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  On weekends or after 5:00 p.m, you may dial (765) 998-5310 to record your gift.

When you call, please include in your message the following information:

•    Your full name
•    Your telephone number
•    Amount of your gift
•    Gift designation
•    Your credit card account number
•    Your credit card expiration date


You can make your gift by mail using a check.  Simply complete this form (pdf), print, and mail to Taylor (address above).  Please make the check payable to Taylor University.


Giving to the University is now more convenient than ever, saving you time and effort, thanks to the electronic gift program. Now you can make a gift to Taylor without having to write and mail a check or receive pledge reminders.

This program allows donors to designate a specific amount to be automatically withdrawn from their bank account each month (minimum $25). The amount is then transferred to Taylor University. The transfer will appear on your monthly bank statement. The process is similar to direct depositing a paycheck.  Donations will be deducted on the 15th of the month.

To set up an electronic funds transfer, please contact Laura Key.


Gifts-in-kind refer to non-cash donations of materials or long-lived assets. For Taylor University, examples would include items such as art objects, prized collections, antiques, products, computer software and hardware, office products and supplies, educational materials, etc. Gifts-in-kind can be designed as one time gifts or as on-going programs.

All gifts-in-kind to Taylor University must be approved by the offices of University Advancement, Business and Finance, and the department responsible for receiving the actual gift.

Current tax law requires that Taylor University issue a receipt indicating that a gift-in-kind has been received. Taylor does not value the gift-in-kind on the gift receipt. Instead, the donor is responsible for obtaining the fair market value at the time of the gift. If the gift-in-kind is valued by the donor at more than $5,000, then an appraisal must be obtained by the donor.

Please contact us regarding questions concerning specific gifts-in-kind. Please contact a tax accountant concerning how these donations may apply to your individual tax issues.


Investing in the lives of Taylor students pays eternal dividends. Taylor University accepts charitable gifts of stock. This may be a very cost-effective way for you to make a gift.  We would be happy to discuss these advantages with you in detail.

Contact Taylor University directly via one of the following individuals:

Laura Key, Director of Donor Services
(800) 882-3456, ext. 5310 or (765) 998-5310
Fax:  (765) 998-4857
Email: lrkey@taylor.edu
Susan Durovey-Antrim, Staff Accountant
(765) 998-5122

Scott Adams, Broker
(765) 998-5277


Taylor University is grateful for gifts specifically designated "in memory of" loved ones, family members, friends, faculty members, classmates, or those who have left an unforgettable legacy.

Families may choose to designate any size gift as a memorial gift. However, for a gift of $1,000 you may memorialize a loved one on the “Great Cloud of Witnesses” Wall in the Memorial Prayer Chapel.

Donors may also chose to make a gift “in honor of” a living loved one or friend as a tribute to that person’s on-going life of service.

If you would like to have Taylor University envelopes available at a funeral or memorial service, or would like more information on a specific gift idea, please contact Matt Gin, Director of Scholarships, at (765) 998-5114.


Many companies offer employees matching gift initiatives that can double or even triple your contribution to Taylor.  If you are unsure if your company qualifies for matching gifts, please contact Laura Key for assistance.