Innovative Programs

“Adherence to biblical Christianity does not shackle scientific discovery, it propels it to excellence—and in this way the new Euler Science Complex will help propel Taylor toward excellence.”
Dr. Mark Biermann, former Dean of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Our historically strong science program is reflected in the achievements and contributions of science alumni embedded in places of influence and scattered around the world. To a large extent, what makes Taylor Taylor is its science students, faculty and program. The most significant opportunity to advance Taylor is stewarding and strengthening this program.

Among Christian college peers, it is one of the top three programs.

The program is:

  • Ground-breaking: The first CCCU school to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in environmental science. The balloon program has launched and recovered dozens of payloads that have measured temperature, air pressure, humidity and cosmic rays generated by supernova, ozone conditions and pollution from across the globe impacting the air above the U.S.
  • Entrepreneurial: Faculty-student research with real-world results from NASA to area small businesses is a hallmark of Taylor's Science program. Taylor students have had hands-on experience in satellite design and construction, parasympathetic nerve research and the study of renewable energy sources. In addition, Taylor holds business plan competitions that have had a direct impact on the Indiana economy amplifying the talents and callings of the Taylor community.
  • Mission-minded: For 22 years the program has hosted the annual meeting of missionaries using technology (ICCM) and is now the home for the Center for Missions Computing. The Center works with missionaries worldwide to find technological solutions for scripture translation and global evangelism.

The Euler Science Complex continues this legacy of success and discovery by providing the tools and space needed for the continual forward-thinking and innovation that has made Taylor an ideal place to integrate faith and science.