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Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office Location: Euler 127
Phone: (765) 998-5244

Specialties: real analysis, complex analysis, programming and algorithms, discrete dynamical systems, iteration theory, complex dynamics, chaos, fractals


Vitae PDF: Dr. Phil Mummert's Printable Vitae

Philip P. Mummert


Department of Mathematics
Taylor University
236 West Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989
Office: 765-998-5244



07-present - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Taylor University, Upland IN


10-present - Instructor

Taylor University Online, Fort Wayne IN


01-07 - VIGRE graduate fellow and teaching assistant

Purdue University, West Lafayette IN


04-05 - Visiting graduate student and teaching assistant

Cornell University, Ithaca NY



5/07 - Ph.D. in Mathematics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Research Area: Discrete dynamical systems in several complex variables

Dissertation: Horseshoes, solenoids, and holomorphic motions for H´ enon maps

Advisors: Dr. Gregery Buzzard and Dr. John Smillie


5/01 - B. S. in Mathematics, Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH, (Highest Honors) 



Awarded Promotion to Associate Professor at Taylor University
designation begins August 2012

5/12 - The Dr. Joe Burnworth Teaching Award
annual award to one junior faculty member for outstanding teaching

4/12 - Distinguished Lecture in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences
an annual recognition and venue to showcase outstanding faculty scholarship

5/10 - Taylor University Educational Technology Center Mini-Grant Award
Technology for College Geometry

5/08-6/08 - Research fellowship in Complex Analysis in Several Variables
Institut Mittag-Le?er, Djursholm, Sweden

10/06 - Associate Fellow of the Purdue University Teaching Academy

4/06 - Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Teaching
from the Graduate School, Purdue University

11/05 - Excellence in Teaching Award
from the Purdue Mathematics Department

9/05  - Named Outstanding Graduate Instructor
a distinction of the top 8% of teaching assistants in Math Department



The Evolution of Finite 1-Dimensional Cellular Automata updated with k-Rules

J. Cell. Autom. 6-6 (2011): 505-515.

(with J. Seaborn, A. Churchill, and M. Bardzell).

A Complex Finite Calculus

Involve 3-3 (2010): 273-287. (with J. Seaborn).

Holomorphic Shadowing for H´ enon Maps

Nonlinearity 21 (2008): 2887-2898.

The Solenoid and Holomorphic Motions for H´ enon Maps

Indiana Univ. Math. J. 56(2007): 2739-2762.



Real Analysis - Taylor MAT461, Spring 09, 11

Complex Analysis - Taylor MAT370, Fall 08

Advanced Problem Solving (co-taught) - Taylor MAT370, Fall 08, Spring 10

Advanced Calculus - Taylor MAT340, Spring 08, 10, 12

Technology for Mathematics - Taylor MAT330, January 09, 11

College Geometry - Taylor MAT312, Spring 11

Calculus III - Taylor MAT240, Fall 09, 10

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science - Taylor MAT 215, Fall 11

Investigations in Mathematics - Taylor MAT120, Fall 08, 09, 10, 11, Spring 11, 12

Finite Mathematics - Taylor MAT110, Fall 07, Spring 08, 09, 10

Finite Mathematic - Taylor Online MAT110E, since 2010

Calculus I - Taylor MAT151, Fall 07

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I - Purdue MA137, Fall 03, 06

Calculus for Technology I - Purdue MA221, Fall 05

Graduate Analysis Qualifier Preparation - Purdue MA598R, Summer 05

Calculus II - Cornell MATH112, Spring 05

Calculus I - Cornell MATH111, Fall 04

Introductory Analysis II - Purdue MA224, Summer 04

Analytic Geometry and Calculus II Recitation - Purdue MA166, Spring 03

Algebra and Trigonometry I Recitation - Purdue MA153, Fall 02



Taylor SRTP Mini-Grant Award: Voronoi Vertex Iteration - Summer 12

Taylor SRTP Mini-Grant Award: Partition Dynamics - Summer 10

Taylor SRTP Mini-Grant Award: Discrete Complex Analysis - Summer 09

Taylor SRTP Mini-Grant Award: Cellular Automata - Summer 08

Assisted Dr. Steve Bell and Dr. Adrian Jenkins with Purdue REU: Numerical computation of zeroes of holomorphic functions - Summer 06



Discrete Dynamics, or, How to Predict the Future - Taylor University Annual SNAS Distinguished Faculty Lecture 4/27/12

Algorithms for finding the Julia sets of H´ enon maps - Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Hampton, VA 4/26/12 - IUPUI Dynamics Seminar, Indianapolis, IN 3/29/12

An Introduction to Chaotic Dynamics - Shippensburg University Mathematics Seminar, Shippensburg, PA 1/26/12

The Euler Line in GeoGebra - AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston, MA 1/04/12

Algorithms for finding the Julia sets of H´ enon maps - MathFest, Lexington, KY 8/05/11

Mathematical Software for Visualization in College Geometry - Taylor University Technology for Teaching Conference 8/20/10

A Discrete Complex Calculus - Indiana Section of the MAA Spring Meeting 4/10/10

An Introduction to Chaotic Dynamics - Wabash College Mathematics Colloquium, Crawfordsville, IN 3/02/10

Holomorphic motions for H´ enon maps - AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington DC 1/08/09 - Mittag-Le?er Institute Seminar, Djursholm, Sweden 5/15/08

Chaos - Taylor University Math Club Spring Banquet 4/24/08

Holomorphic Shadowing for H´ enon Maps - 42nd Annual Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, Milwaukee 3/14/08

Holomorphic Motions and H´ enon Maps - Ball State University Math Faculty Colloquium 10/16/07

Holomorphic Motions and Complex Dynamics - MIT Lincoln Laboratory 12/21/06

An Introduction to Complex Dynamics - Mathematics as a Profession and a Discipline, Purdue University 10/19/06

Solenoids and Holomorphic Motions for Complex H´ enon Maps - Metron Inc., Reston, VA 10/12/06

Conjugacies of Unstably Connected H´ enon Maps - Indiana University Complex Analysis Seminar 9/25/06 - Purdue University Geometric Analysis Seminar 9/18/06

Holomorphic Motions of Hyperbolic Sets - Purdue University Geometric Analysis Seminar 2/06/06

Anti-integrable Limits, Biham-Wenzel's Algorithm and Symbolic Dynamics of H´ enon Maps - Cornell University Dynamical Systems Seminar 3/28/05 - Purdue University Geometric Analysis Seminar 3/24/05 



  • MAA Short Course: Discrete and Computational Geometry, Boston, 1/2-3/12 
  • MAA Short Course: Explorations in Algebra and Combinatorics, Pittsburgh, 8/3-4/10 
  • Workshop in Dynamics, University of Illinois at Chicago, 5/17-21/10 
  • MAA Short Course: Financial Mathematics, Portland, Oregon, 8/4-5/09 
  • MAA Minicourse: Visualizing Abstract Math with Cellular Automata, San Diego, 1/7,9/08 
  • Purdue University MA 598S - Designing your own course, Spring 07 
  • Holomorphic Dynamics Workshop, Fields Institute, Toronto, 3/7-11/06



  • AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston, 1/12
  • Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar, IUPUI, Indianapolis, 10/11 
  • Technology for Teaching Conference, Taylor University, 8/11
  • MathFest, the MAA Annual Summer Meeting, Lexington, KY, 8/11
  • Indiana MAA Sectional Meeting, Indiana Wesleyan University, 4/11 
  • Frontiers in Complex Dynamics, Banf, Canada, 2/11
  • Miami University Mathematics Conference, Oxford, Ohio, 9/10 
  • Technology for Teaching Conference, Taylor University, 8/10
  • MathFest, the MAA Annual Summer Meeting, Pittsburgh, 8/10
  • Indiana MAA Sectional Meeting, Franklin College, 5/10
  • Midwest Several Complex Variables Conference, Purdue University, 10/09
  • 6th Annual ICI Instructional Technology Summit, Taylor University, 8/09 
  • MathFest, the MAA Annual Summer Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 8/09 
  • ACMS Biennial Conference, Wheaton College, 5/09  
  • Indiana MAA Sectional Meeting, IUPUI, Indianapolis, 3/09  
  • AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington DC, 1/09  
  • Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference, Indiana University, 10/08 
  • Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology, Stockholm University, 5/08 
  • 42nd Annual Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, Milwaukee, 3/08 
  • AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, 1/08
  • Technology for Teaching Conference, Taylor University, 8/07
  • ACMS Biennial Conference, Messiah College, 6/07 
  • Midwest Several Complex Variables Meeting, University of Michigan, 3/07 
  • Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar, IUPUI, Indianapolis, 10/06  
  • Midwest Several Complex Variables Meeting, University of Western Ontario, 4/04



Mathematical Association of America since 07
American Mathematical Society since 01



Member of Classroom Resource Materials Editorial Board of the MAA, 11-present
Member of the Nominating Committee of the INMAA, 12-present 
Co-coach for Taylor University Math Contest Teams, state champion team in 09, 07 - present  
Member of Taylor University Community Life Committee, Fall 11-present  
Member of Taylor University First Year Experience Task Force, Spring 11-present  
Member of Taylor University Staf Member of the Year Award Cmte., 09-present 
Judge for Indiana Collegiate Math Competition, 4/11, 3/09 
Member of Taylor University International Programs Advisory Group, Fall 11  
Member of Taylor University Online Task Force, Spring 11 
Leader for Taylor University India Lighthouse Team, 1/10  
Faculty Advisor for Taylor University Math Club, Fall 09 - Spring 10
Coordinator for Purdue MA 137-Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I, Spring 07
Purdue Mathematics Department Teaching Assistant Peer Mentor, Fall 06-Spring 07



United States Citizenship
Current computer skills: C++, L ATEX, Mathematica
Past computer experience: Sage, Maple, MATLAB, Fortran, Linux, HTML
Educational technology experience: Blackboard, DyKnow, TurningPoint, MathXL
International Travel: U.K., Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Philippines, Haiti, India, Ethiopia