Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson

Nicholas Kerton-Johnson

Associate Professor of Political Science & International Relations

Office Location: Reade 230
Phone: (765) 998-5140
Email: nckertonjohnson@taylor.edu

Specialties: international relations, international security, persecution of christians, religion and international relations, religious freedom



PhD, Politics, University of Bristol, 2008
Topic: The Justifications for, and practice of, intervention by the United States, 1990-2003
MA, War Studies, Kings College, London, 1999
Higher Diploma, Education (History and Mathematics), University of Cape Town, 1997
Honours Degree, History, University of Cape Town, 1996
BA, History, University of Cape Town, 1995

Why I love teaching at Taylor:

I specialize in religious freedom with a focus on Christianity. This work is best nurtured on a Christian campus which not only loves Christ, but lives to serve the global church. Here my work is welcomed and encouraged. Here too I am able to teach and interact with some of the best young Christians in the world. It is a blessing to be a part of young men and women’s lives; to see them grow in the Lord, in knowledge and wisdom; to help equip them for life.

Advice to incoming students:

Realize that you are in an incredible position to transition between youth and adulthood. Come to Taylor expecting to have a good time, to make life-long friends, to laugh. Expect to learn about God and grow in your faith, to make it real, and yours. But also come prepared to work. Don’t let these years slip by without gathering every small scrap of wisdom that you can. This is university; you will need to be dedicated, to work hard, to be independent. 


It is often thought that South Africans are sport mad. I am not an exception! However, as a South African I have not yet come to love American sport. I love playing rugby and tennis, swimming in the sea, a river, a lake, a pond, a dam (anything!). But I will try my hand at any sport.

Otherwise I love to pray, to sing and talk to God while I walk around my small farm. I love farming and laughing with friends. 

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