Dr. Dan King

Daniel King

Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Euler 339
Phone: (765) 998-4783
Email: dnking@taylor.edu

Specialties: analytical chemistry, chemical instrumentation, mass spectrometry, protein characterization, protein interactions


Major career accomplishments:

Much of my research has been focused on understanding proteins involved in crop disease. Pectinases (produced by the attacking fungi or bacteria) breakdown the carbohydrate cell walls of plants, while the pectinase inhibitor proteins (produced by the plants) attempt to slow the attack. Along with collaborators and students, we have published a number of papers using experimental and computational methods to investigate this process. I have received Taylor University’s Franklin W. and Joan M. Forman Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award (2012) and the Distinguished Lecture scholarship award from the School of Natural and Applied Sciences (2009). In addition to these efforts, I am passionately working to help build collaborative research programs across departments at TU.

I’ve published a number of papers using computational chemistry to visualize proteins involved in crop diseases. The below image shows a PGIP (polygalacturonase inhibitor protein) defense protein produced by pear trees.

Polygalacturonase Inhibitor Protein

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