Dr. Barb Bird

Barbara Bird

Director of the Writing Center & Professor of English

Office Location: Zondervan 114
Phone: (765) 998-5526
Email: brbird@taylor.edu

Specialties: basic writing research and pedagogy academic writer identity writing-about-writing pedagogy writing center administration writing across the curriculum


Vitae PDF: Dr. Barb Bird's Printable Vitae

Dr. Barbara J. Bird

Taylor University
(765) 998-5526
Email: brbird@tayloru.edu


Ph D, Ball State University, 2004.
Composition & Rhetoric
Dissertation Title: George Jardine: Investigative Rhetoric & Epistemic Writing Theory

BA, Taylor University, 1999.
Major: English


Teaching Experience
2006 – present Associate Professor of English
2003 – 2006 Assistant Professor of English
2001 – 2003 Instructor of English

Courses Taught
ENG 101: Fundamentals of Writing.
ENG 110: Expository Writing.
ENG 305: Writing Theory & Grammar.
ENG 311: Writing and Rhetoric.


Director of the Writing Center (2001-present)
Develop and enact vision for the Writing Center
Assess and report assessment of the Writing Center (Including AQIP plan)
Develop and implement Writing Center promotion
Supervise and train writing consultants
Supervise ESL tutor coordinator (2008 – present)
Develop and maintain Center programs
- Writing Mentor (writing consultants meeting weekly with a student to work on writing skill development)
- Writing Contest
- Writing Assistance (writing consultants working closely with one course where all
students use the writing center)

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) contact faculty (2003 – present)
Serve as advisor to the Associate Dean of General Education for writing issues and
questions, including developing a new WAC program to replace our current WR program.
Present two to three writing workshops each year through the CTLE. Summer, 2010
presented a week-long “mini-grant” workshop.
Serve as faculty contact person to individually assist faculty with student writing questions
and development of writing assignments.

Coordinator of Freshman Writing Placement (2002 – present)
Continually work to improve the placement process, including studying previous years’
placement results (with the help of Dr. Steve Bird).
Coordinate placement with the testing office, registrar’s office, and the Advising Center.
Write testing prompts (placement and CLEP).



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Publications in Process
Bird, Barbara, Jeremy Case, Mark Colgan, Carol Sisson, and Tricia Stan. Collaborating to Improve Student Learning: Faculty Across the Disciplines Create a ‘Big Idea’ Reflection Assignment.” (submitted to Journal of Learning Communities Research August, 2010)

Bird, Barbara. “The Learning Paradigm Writing Center: Moving Beyond ‘Directed’ and ‘Non-Directed’” (submitted to Writing Lab Newsletter Aug. 28; out for peer review).

Presentations Given
Bird, Barbara. “Getting Students to Think: An Historical Perspective on Motivating Student Writers.” Conference on College Composition & Communication. (National conference, one-third acceptance rate) Louisville, KY (March 2010).

Bird, Barbara and Scott Gaier. “Facilitating Learning: Lessons From an Accomplished Scottish Educator.” Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching, North. Traverse City, MI. (October 2009).

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Bird, Barbara. "Tutor Ecology: Nourishing Tutors’ Growth at the Root Level." East Central Writing Center Association Conference. Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN. (April 2009).

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Bird, Barbara and Jody Hirschy, J. "Course Design." Colleagues College. Taylor University. (August 2008).

Bird, Barbara. "Using a Writing Studies Approach in Basic Writing." A workshop presentation at Conference on College Composition & Communication. New Orleans, LA. (March 2008).

Bird, B. J., Conference of College Composition & Communication, "Freshman Writing as an Introduction to Writing Studies," College Composition & Communication, (National conference, one-third acceptance rate) New York, NY. (March 2007).

Bird, Barbara. "Creating Grading Rubrics." AQIP Summit, Taylor Assessment Council. (June 2006).

Bird, Barbara, Susie Hinkle, Joe Patton, Kimberly Reneau, and Sarah Stebbe. "How a Small College with a Small Budget Makes Big Gains in Student Writing." East Central Writing Center Association Conference. Ohio. (April 2006).

Bird, Barbara. "Building A Professional Tutor Community." A workshop presentation at Conference on College Composition & Communication. Chicago, IL. (March 2006).

Bird, Barbara. "George Jardine and FYC: Giving Students Access to the ‘Powers of Knowledge’." (National conference, one-third acceptance rate). Conference on College Composition & Communication. San Francisco, CA. (March 2005).

Bird, Barbara and Linda Lambert. "Where Inquiry-based Instruction Meets Information Literacy: Practices that Work." Georgia Conference on Information Literacy, Savannah, GA. (Nov. 2004).

Bird, Barbara. "Categorical Illusions: Calling for Institution-Specific (Basic Writing) Research." (National conference, one-third acceptance rate). Conference on College Composition & Communication. New York, NY. (March 2003).

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research
Bird, Barbara (Principal), "Course Re-Design," CTLE, Taylor University, $500.00. (May 2008 - June 2008).

Bird, Barbara (Principal) and Rotert, Evan (Co-Principal). "Research on Opening a High School Writing Center," Campus Compact, State, $3,000.00. (June 2007 - May 2008).

Bird, Barbara (Co-Principal), Bird, Steven (Co-Principal), Cramer, Cody (Supporting), Anderson, Allison (Supporting), Foster, Stacy (Supporting), Martini, Michelle (Supporting), Briggs, Sam (Supporting), Glass, Irene (Supporting), Hanson, Brittany (Supporting), Wood, Amy (Supporting), (Supporting), Palansch, Sarah (Supporting), Stout, Amber (Supporting), Luddington, Elizabeth (Supporting), Toll, Ben (Supporting), Canada, Josh (Supporting), Rotert, Evan, "Assessment of Student Writing," CTLE & CR&I, Taylor University, $2,000.00. (2005 - 2007).

Professional Memberships
International Writing Center Association. (2003 - Present).
Writing Program Administrators. (2003 - Present).
College Composition and Communication. (2001 - Present).
National Council of Teachers of English. (2001 - Present).

Professional Development Activities Attended
ETC Training, “Technology for Teaching” (2003 – 2007; 2009 – 2010)
CTLE Events, attended 3-5 a year (2006 – 2010)



English Department Service
Faculty Advisor, Summer Orientation representative. (2004 - 2009).
Coordinator, AQIP departmental plan. (2006 - 2008).

University Service
Workshop Organizer, CTLE workshops. (2004 - 2010):
- Constructing Effective Writing Assignments
- Giving Feedback on Student Writing
- Sticky Grading Issues
- Preventing Plagiarism
New Faculty Mentor. (2007 – 2008; 2010).
Program Coordinator, Freshman Writing Placement. (2002 - 2009).
Task Force Member, Writing Across the Curriculum. (September 2007 - April 2009).
Program Co-Organizer, Colleagues College. (October 2007 - August 2008).
Task Force Member, Assessment Task Force. (September 2005 - May 2007).
Committee Member, Athletics, Financial Aid, Enrollment Committee. (September 2004 - May 2006).
Task Force Member, Academic Integrity Task Force. (September 2003 - May 2005).

Awards and Honors
Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership award. (September 2010).
GEM award, Faculty development. (May 2005).