Elizabeth Messer

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Betty Messer

Modern Languages



Department Co-Chair & Professor of Modern Languages

Office Location: Reade 203
Phone: (765) 998-5274
Email: btmesser@taylor.edu

Specialties: Spanish Grammar, Spanish Phonology, Latin American Culture and Civilization, Spanish in the United States


Major career accomplishments:

I have been at Taylor University almost my entire career, and as such I have had a major impact on the Spanish curriculum in the Department of Modern Languages.  With the exception of the literature courses, I developed all the upper-level courses that now comprise the major/minor on-campus courses (SPA305-Communication in Spanish, SPA310-Culture and Civilization of Hispanic America, SPA312-Culture and Civilization of Spain, SPA321-Ther Art of Writing Spanish, SPA342-Spanish Phonology, and a special topics course SPA370 Advanced Spanish Grammar). 

During my career as a Spanish professor, I have had the opportunity to make professional trips--some with students and some for professional development-- to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

It is amazing to me how many wonderful students and colleagues I have met through the years and count it a joy to have shared with them along the academic journey at a place where Christian faith and the life of the mind are integrated in curricular and co-curricular endeavors.