Alan Winquist

Dr. Alan Winquist

Alan Winquist

Professor of History

Office Location: Reade 225
Phone: (765) 998-5302

Specialties: Modern European History (1789-present), Scandinavian History, Sub-Sahara African History, History of England, American Immigration History


Vitae PDF: Dr. Alan Winquist's Printable Vitae

Alan H. Winquist

Department of History
236 W. Reade Ave.
Upland, IN 46989-1001
Tel: 765-998-5302
Fax: 765-998-4930



Born - June 7, 1942 - Astoria, New York
Parents - Emil N. and Gertrude E. Winquist
Marital Status - Married - Jessica Rousselow-Winquist


1960-1964 - BA in History, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois 

1964-1965 -  Master of Arts in Teaching, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Majors - education, history

1965-1966 - Graduate courses in history, political science, Swedish language, University of Stockholm Graduate School for English-speaking students, Stockholm, Sweden 

1966-1976 - Ph.D. in modern European, Scandinavian, British history, New York University, New York, New York
Dissertation: “The Impact of Scandinavians on the Cultural, Social and Economic Development of Pre-1948 South Africa”


1966-1967 - Weber Junior High School, Port Washington, New York. Taught 8th, 9th grade social studies

1967-1969 - Martin Luther High School, Maspeth, New York. Taught European history, geography

1970-1973 - Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York. Instructor, history department - taught Western Civilization, American History, Long Island History and Government, State and Local Government

1973-present - Taylor University, Upland, Indiana. Have rank of full professor of history and am tenured

Regular courses taught - Early Modern Europe (1517-1789); World History; Russian Civilization; History and Geography of Africa; History and Geography of East Asia; History and Geography of South/Southeast  Asia; Introduction to International Studies

Other courses taught - Modern Europe (1789-present); History of England; The World Since 1945; European Religious History; The European Immigrants; Modern Scandinavia; Senior Seminar-History; Seminar-South Africa; American Diplomatic History; History of the Civil Rights Movement (team taught); History of the United States; History of American Immigration; History of the British Empire:  From the “Aussies” to the Zulus.

Have also taught Ways of Knowing (honors class); Introduction to Liberal Studies: Heroes and Heroism

Fall 1989 semester - taught two history courses in Singapore in the Taylor University in Singapore Program; director of program during fall 1989 semester

Have conducted sixteen January interterm student study trips to Europe, East Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

January 2001, 2002 - co-directed Taylor University’s Oxford Studies Program

Summer 1978, 1979 - co-director-Wheaton/Taylor ESPRIT Program in France

Have taught (part-time) African History and World History at Anderson University (Anderson, Indiana), Ball Sate University (Muncie, Indiana), and Manchester College (North Manchester, Indiana)

First summer session 1999 - team taught course entitled Economic and Political Development of the Baltics - at Lithuania Christian College, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Art as Experience course co-instructor - Taylor University’s Irish Studies Program, Greystones, Ireland - fall semesters 2006-2012.


Chair and co-chair, history department - 8 years

Director, International Studies major

Faculty committee memberships - Educational Policies; Academic Policies; General Education Subcommittee for the Educational Policies Committee; International Studies (have served as chair); Teacher Education; Media Board; Multi-Cultural Steering Group (have served as chair); Committee on Committees; Faculty Development Team; Multicultural Committee; Faculty Development and Candidate Interview Committee (have twice served as chair), Faculty Personnel Committee; Centre for Global Engagement Steering Committee; Academic Policies Committee

University student newspaper, yearbook faculty advisor

Faculty advisor for international students

Junior class advisor on several occasions

Active in Cincinnati Council on World Affairs (including participant on Cincinnati television programs featuring Taylor’s international emphasis)   

Taylor University’s representative to the Indiana Consortium for International Programs; elected member of ICIP Executive Committee; member of the Board of Directors of ICIP

Campus coordinator - Pew Grants for internationalizing the curriculum – Christian College Consortium

Coordinated Colleagues’ College (faculty retreat) August 1992 to study ethnicity in Chicago (partially funded by the Eli Lilly Endowment); August 1996 “Taylor University’s 150 Years With a Vision”

Member of Board of Croatian Christian Ministries, 2008



Scandinavians and South Africa their impact on cultural, social and economic development before 1900 (Cape Town: A.A. Balkema, 1978)

Swedish-American Landmarks   Where to go and what to see (Minneapolis: Swedish Council of America, 1995)

Co-authored with Jessica Rousselow, God’s Ordinary Heritage (Upland, Indiana: Taylor University Press, 1996). This book is a history of Taylor University with a biographic focus – written for the University’s sesquicentennial.

Co-authored with Jessica Rousselow-Winquist, Coach Odle’s Full Full Court Press Taylor University and Sports Evangelism (Upland, Indiana; Taylor University Press, 2001).

Co-authored with Jessica Rousselow-Winquist, Touring Swedish America Where to Go and What to See (St. Paul, Minnesota; Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2006).


“Swedish-American Historic Sites Survey,” The Bridge (periodical of The Society for the Promotion of Emigration Research, Karlstad, Sweden), vol. 15

“Surveying Swedish-American Historic Sites,” The Swedish-American Historical

Quarterly, July 1985, vol. XXXVI, no. 3, pages 186-199. Article reprinted in several fall 1985 issues of Vestkusten (published in San Francisco)

Twelve articles in Dictionary of Scandinavian History, edited by Byron J. Nordstrom (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1986).

Contributor to New Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, edited by J.D. Douglas (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker, 1991).

Articles in Sweden & America:
“New Sweden, Maine”, spring 1996, pages 6, 7
“Ryssby Church, Longmont, CO”, summer 1996, pages 6, 7
“Trinity Baptist Church and other Churches Designed by Martin Hedmark”, winter 1997, pp. 8, 10, 11
Statues, Monuments, and Plaques of Swedish-America”, summer 1997, pp. 6-8, 19
“Swedish Indiana: Sometimes a Little Means a Lot”, autumn 1997, pp. 8-10
“Home Sweet Home”, winter 1998, p.p. 28-31
“Searching for Stockholm in America”, spring 1998, pp. 10-12.

Contributing editor - Sweden & America

Wrote chapter on the Scandinavians in Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience, edited by Robert M. Taylor, Jr., and Connie A. McBirney (Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society, 1996).

Book Reviews

Paul Elmen, Wheat Flour Messiah: Eric Jansson of Bishop Hill, in History Review of New Books, May/June 1977.

Bernard Friedman. Smuts: A Reappraisal, in African Studies Association Review of Books, 1977.

Trevor Beeson, Discretion and Valour; Religious Conditions in Russia and Eastern Europe; J.H. Hebly, Protestants in Russia, in Christianity Today, November 1977.

Steven Koblik, editor. Sweden’s Development from Poverty to Affluence 1750-1970, in The Journal of European Economic History, spring 1978.

H. Arnold Barton, editor. Clipper Ship and Covered Wagon: Essays from the Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, in The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, October, 1980.

Hakan Eilert, Källa Invid Öknens Rand En bok om Svenskar och Svenskt kyrkoliv i Melbourne 1856-1981, in The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, October, 1980.

Odd S. Lovoll, editor. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. 29, in The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, April 1984.

Ulf Beijbom, Australienfararna: Vårt Märkligaste Utvandringsaventyr, in The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, April 1985.

Olavi Koivukangas, editor. Scandinavian Emigration to Australia and New Zealand Project: Proceedings of a Symposium February 17-19, 1982, Turku, Finland in The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, July 1985.

Shirley Du Boulay, Tutu: Voice of the Voiceless, in Fides et Historia Journal of the Conference on Faith and History, Fall 1990.

Felix K. Ekechi, Tradition and Transformation in Eastern Nigeria: A Sociopolitical History of Owerri and Its Hinterland, 1892-1947, in Fides et Historia, Fall 1993.

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Paul Gifford, African Christianity Its Public Role, in Christian Scholar’s Review, vol. XXX, no. 1, fall 2000.

Knut Helle, editor, The Cambridge History of Scandinavia: Volume I Prehistory to 1520, in History Review of New Books, vol. 32, number 3, Spring 2004.

Jason Kindopp and Carol Lee Hamrin, editors, God and Caesar in China: Policy Implications of Church-State Tensions, and David Aikman, Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power, in Christian Scholar’s Review, vol. XXXIV, no. 4, summer 2005.

Victoria De Grazia, Irresistible Empire: America’s Advance through Twentieth-Century Europe, in Fides et Historia, 40:2, summer/fall 2008.

James C. McCann, Maize and Grace: Africa’s Encounter with a New World Crop 1500-2000, in Fides et Historia, 40:2, summer/fall 2008.


“Scandinavian Immigrants in South Africa and the United States: A Comparison.” Read at the Annual Meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies, Austin, Texas, April 1976.

“The American Response to the Violent Upheavals in Africa.” Read at several service organizations, church groups, 1978-1979 academic year.

Chaired, commentator for session “Perspectives on Scandinavia: Sweden, Finland and Norway”, at European Studies Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October 13, 1978.

Keynote address at the Women: Balancing Perspectives Role Requirements Conference, Taylor University, April 19, 1980.

“Swedish-American Historic Site – Finding Swedish America.” Read at the Annual Meeting of the Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, Evanston, Illinois, March 14, 1981.

“American Fever:’ The European Immigrants.” Presented at Taylor University Faculty Forum, February 4, 1982.

“Survey of Historic Sites.” Read at Conference on Swedish-American Research Resources, Rock Island, Illinois, September 23, 1982.

“African Religious Life.” Audio-visual presentation, Indiana Consortium for International Programs Teaching Strategies Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, April 8, 1983.

“A Montage of Extraordinary Women.” Keynote address read at Women in the Mississinewa Valley: the 1940s and the 1980s Conference, Marion, Indiana, April 9, 1983.

“African Update.” Presented at Taylor University Faculty Forum, April 18, 1983.

“A Survey of Swedish-American Historic Sites.” Presented at Blackford County Historical Society, Hartford City, Indiana, April 26, 1983; Indianapolis Lodge of Vasa Order of America, May 6, 1984.

“The New China – Rapid Changes in a Communist Nation.” Presented at Indiana University-Kokomo, October 9, 1985.

Moderator, Update on South Africa Conference, at Indiana Central University, Indianapolis, February 7, 8, 1986 (conference sponsored by the Indiana Consortium for International Programs).

“Scandinavian-American Missions in Southern Africa and Zaire.” Read at A Century of World Evangelization North American Evangelical Missions, 1886-1986 Conference, Wheaton College (IL), June 17, 1986.

“Black Christian Leaders and Freedom Movements in Southern Africa.” Presented at the Conference on Faith and History, American Historical Association Conference, Chicago, December 1986.

Chaired, discussant at African Studies Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, November 20, 1987. Panel topic: “African Education: Colonial, Missionary, and Islamic.”

“The Contemporary World: An Update.” Presented at the annual conference of the Church of God, Peace Fellowship, Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana, June 18, 1990.

“The African Independent Church Movements in Urban Centers.” Presented at the Indiana Consortium for International Programs fall conference “Urbanization in the Third World,” Nashville, Indiana, September 21-22, 1990.

“Swedish-American Historical Sites.” Presented at the Conference of Swedish America, Swedish Council of America, Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, Michigan, October 12-14, 1990.

Discussant at the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences annual meeting, international studies and political science session, October 16, 1992.

“Scandinavians in Indiana” Presented at the Indiana History Conference of the Indiana Historical Society, “Ethnic Indiana Past and Present,” Indianapolis, November 6-7, 1992.

Presentations on Swedish-American Landmarks – Swedish American Museum Center, Chicago – March 31, 1996

“Our Swedish Heritage Reflected In Its Landmarks” Conference of Swedish America – April 25-28, 1996 – Davenport, Iowa

Noon Day Club – Omaha, Nebraska – May 3, 1996

Vasa Order of America – Atlanta, Georgia – November 17, 1996

Swedish Council of St. Louis – St. Louis, Missouri – April 5, 1997; November 9, 2002

Vasa Order of America – Cleveland, Ohio – June 8, 1997

“Taylor University – God’s Ordinary People: No Ordinary Heritage.” Presented at The Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, May 9, 1997 with Professor Jessica Rousselow

Keynote address on the Swedish Midsummer Tradition at the Scandinavian Midsummer Program, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, June 22, 1997, June 22, 1998

“Bishop William Taylor: The World Was His Parish.” Presented at The Conference on Faith and History – Globalization and the Historian’s Craft, Nashville, Tennessee, September 25, 1998

Discussant, moderator of a session at the Conference on Faith and History, Huntington College, Indiana, October 10, 2002.

“Looking for Swedes in All the Right Places.” Presentation with Jessica Rousselow-Winquist at the Conference of Swedish America – Celebrating Swedish Culture in America, St. Paul, Minnesota, August 7, 2004.

“Bishop William Taylor and his missions in Angola.” Presented at the Evangelical Theological Society’s Conference, San Diego, California, November 16, 2008.          

“The French Connection – South Africa and Ireland.” Presented at The Huguenot Society of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 3, 2009


The Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award – September 1991 Ford Foundation Scholarship – for master’s degree, Northwestern University

Travel grants from Sveriges Industriforbundet (Federation of Swedish Industries) and New York University to do research for Ph.D. dissertation in South Africa

Four grants from the Nils William Olsson Fund of The Swedish-American Historical Society to do research on Swedish-American historic landmarks

Participant in Indiana Consortium for International Programs East Africa Group Project, summer 1982 (18 Indiana professors were selected to participate in the seven weeks program in Kenya and Malawi – studying urban and rural development programs funded by U.S. Department of Education)

Taylor University grants:

Career awareness for history majors

Developing an ethnic studies course entitled “The European Immigrants”

Developing the History and Geography of Africa, and Russian Civilization courses to meet Taylor’s cross cultural General education requirement

Fund for Faculty Scholarship – study trip to Eastern Europe (summer 1991)

Developing the History of the Civil Rights Movement course for January 1993

Fund for Faculty Scholarship – research for a book in connection with Taylor University’s sesquicentennial (1996) – a significant part of the research conducted at the General Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church, Madison, NJ, and Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church California - Nevada Conference, Berkeley, California

Fund for Faculty Scholarship – financial support to teach at Lithuania Christian College, first summer Session 1999

Fund for Faculty Scholarship – financial support – research for revision of book on Swedish-American historic landmarks – sabbatical leave, spring semester 2004.


Sabbatical leave – fall 1982 – to do research on Swedish-American historic landmarks

Sabbatical leave – spring 1994 – to complete revisions of Swedish-American Landmarks; to do research for a book in connection with Taylor University’s sesquicentennial (1996)

Sabbatical leave – spring 2004 – to write a revised edition of Swedish-American Landmarks to be published by Minnesota Historical Society in 2006, and to do research on sacred places in Indiana for journal articles and a possible book

Participant in the Christian College Coalition’s Central America faculty study tour, June 1988

Participant in the Taylor University faculty study tour of Greece, June 1989

Faculty co-director of first Taylor University-Nizhni Novgorod State University student  Exchange program- June 1991; extensive involvement in program’s planning


American Historical Association

Conference on Faith and History

Indiana Historical Society

Indiana Association of Historians


Directory of American Scholars

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