Christian Ministries


If you have a heart for God and a heart for people to know God, consider the Christian Ministries major. This program provides scriptural, educational, and managerial training for those who desire to pursue ministry as a career or further study in graduate school or seminary. You will prepare to work with a diverse range of people, ages, and ministry contexts while focusing on your specific passions and gifts in ministry.

In this program, you will ...

  • be prepared to go into ministry or into graduate studies upon graduation
  • be developed as a whole person and gain ministry skills to pursue your calling
  • study biblical theology and how the overall biblical story gives essential meaning to all of human life
  • share life and ministry with professors and other students while serving in local, campus, or national ministries
  • be prepared as a ministry leader who facilitates the processes of spiritual formation in others

Required courses provide students a three-dimensional understanding of Christian ministries, with particular attention to the following:

  • Spiritual formation
  • Cross-cultural, service, and experiential learning
  • Teaching and learning strategies to communicate God's truth with specific groups
  • Studying, interpreting, and applying Scripture
  • Mobilizing, developing, training, and equipping other believers
  • Philosophers and strategies for Christian ministries

Every Christian Ministries students must complete ...

  • Four semesters of a departmentally approved ministry
  • A summer in full-time ministry

All Christian Ministries majors participate in a capstone trip that exposes them to dozens of ministries and more than one hundred key Christian leaders. Through this capstone experience, students are challenged to develop and clarify their personal philosophy for Christian ministry in a particular ministry context.

Christian Ministries majors earn a Biblical Literature minor and many choose to double major in Biblical Literature. 

Serve and study abroad

  • Footsteps of Paul - Greece & Italy trip
  • Holy Land Studies at Jerusalem University College - Israel
  • Revelation and the Seven Cities - Turkey
  • Lighthouse and Spring Break Missions trips
  • Ministry semesters in locations such as Ireland, Ecuador, and South Africa

What can you do with a Christian Ministries major?

The Christian Ministries major prepares students to minister to a wide variety of people in all sorts of contexts. More than 96% of our graduates have positions in full-time ministry within six months of graduation. Positions include:

  • Church: pastor, youth pastor, associate pastor, small groups pastor, children's ministry, disability ministry
  • Para-church leadership and involvement: Youth for Christ, Young Life, InterVarsity, Cru, Navigators, etc.
  • Missions: trainer, linguist, church planter, teacher, student mobilizer
  • Urban ministry: youth center director, recreation director, house parent
  • Christian camping: director, assistant director, retreat center director
  • Christian college: residence hall director, student development leader, student ministry director, professor
  • Writing: Sunday school curriculum, books, magazine editor, book editor
  • Christian high school: Bible teachers, director of missions, coach

Christian Ministries graduates can also go onto graduate school and seminary.

Degree options

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries requires a foreign language. (This requirement can be fulfilled with New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew.)

The Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries and Systems adds the Systems Curriculum to the Christian Ministries major requirement. (No foreign language is required.)

Taylor University also offers a Christian Ministries minor, which can be combined with any major. The minor equips students for ministry through their chosen profession, as well as through the local church.