Commuter Students’ FAQs

  • Does Welcome Weekend pertain to me?
    Yes! You are welcome to attend any event during the weekend. Especially, plan to join us for dinner on Friday at the Hodson Dining Commons (DC) and the Dedication service that follows. There will be a registration table in the DC atrium for you to receive welcome materials and a complimentary dinner ticket, if you do not have a meal plan. Parents and guests are welcome too and may purchase meals at the cashier in the DC. We would also like to invite you to attend the other weekend activities: see the Welcome Weekend Schedule for details. You will participate in activities throughout the weekend with a small group. This is your small group for a fall class and is a great opportunity to get to know a few people right away. You may be required to take the tests offered in the schedule. Please refer to the packet sent to you by the Registrar to see if you are required to take these tests.
  • How do I find out what is happening on campus?
    Go to the campus post office during regular business hours and open a campus mailbox. This will be a helpful way to receive information about campus happenings. Campus email is also a widely used tool to receive information. This should be checked daily. Also, each week, News of the Day is printed by the Taylor Student Organization and distributed around campus. It has helpful information for students. You may pick up a copy inside the entrance of the post office or find a copy on the tables in the Student Center or Dining Commons. The Echo, our weekly newspaper, is distributed after chapel each Friday or you can find a copy outside the main entrance of the library.
  • How can I meet people on campus?

    Other than your small group, a great way to make friends is to be "adopted" by a wing or floor on campus. The residents of your adopted floor will invite you to their activities.

    Contact the Director of Residence Life at 765-998-5344 if you are interested in this program. There will also be a campus wide Community Plunge on Monday of Welcome Weekend, in which Taylor students, faculty, and staff will participate in a variety of service projects throughout the Upland community. It is a great way to meet a lot of people and serve our community!

  • Where can I find my class schedule?
    You can find your schedule on the Taylor portal > STUDENT tab > TOWER tile > Student Services > Registration > Student Schedule. If you have any questions about scheduling classes or transferring credits, please contact the registrar's office at 765-998-5129. Their office is located in the Freimuth Administration Building.
  • Where do I find out what books I need and where can I buy them?
    The Campus Store is in the Student Union (dome).  All textbooks are available there.  You can reserve your books online. All students are automatically enrolled in Textbook Butler. Another option for finding your books is to buy them from students on campus.  Students sell their books by posting signs in the residence hall or around campus or join the Groups at Taylor Facebook page where you can join and search on the "Free and For Sale" or the "Textbook Exchange" groups.   
  • Where do I register and park my vehicle?
    If you have a car on campus you will need to register it at Campus Police, located on the lower level of the LaRita R. Boren Campus Center. They will give you the necessary forms to complete the process. The cost is $25 and is billed directly to your Taylor account. The office of Campus Police publishes the Motor Vehicle Information brochure. You can pick this up when you register your car on campus. Please read it carefully to find out where you can legally park your car. Parking near some buildings is limited, so allow extra time before classes in case you have to walk from a different parking lot.
  • Where do I get my ID card?
    You can get your ID card at Campus Police. Your student ID is needed for meals in the Dining Commons, checking out books at the library, getting into sporting events, exercising at the Well, etc....
  • Is there a student handbook?
    Yes, the Student Handbook - The Odyssey. In it you will find information on student services, campus resources, campus directory information, local churches, university policies, and expectations for student conduct.

Questions, contact Shawnda Freer, Coordinator of the First Year Experience, at