Admissions FISP

Freshman Irish Studies Program Living in Ireland

The Irish Studies Program seeks to honor Jesus Christ while placing a great deal of value on relationships and recognizing the need for responsible behavior.  To this end the program attempts to, where possible, use the University “template” of whole person education while in Ireland.  Because of its unique nature, the Irish Studies Program will implement this through the integration of academic life, spiritual life, and residence life.

Living Space

Coolnagreina, the Greystones YWCA conference center, houses the Irish Studies Program.  The center consists of three buildings:  the main lodge, Cooleen, and the classroom building.  Located near the harbor, Coolnagreina affords Taylor students an enriching environment for whole person education.

Academic Space

The Classroom Building
The classroom is housed in the newest building on the grounds.  It is an attractive and comfortable facility.  It contains a large classroom, rest room facilities, a small kitchen, and a recreation/study room.  The main lodge houses a faculty office and a student study room with internet access and a limited number of library holdings.

Residence Life Space

The Main Lodge
Over one hundred years old, the main lodge at Coolnagreina is a place with character.  “The Red Room” is the center of activity and provides a great atmosphere for social interaction.  It is outfitted with a TV/DVD and enough space for social events.  The study room houses the computers and library for the program and is the location of the internet on a shared computer.  There is also an additional study and recreation room for students.  The dining room is a spacious room that caters to our meals.  Finally, the laundry room is located on the first floor.

The second floor provides living space for up to 21 female students.  There are eight rooms and five bathrooms. There is also a small bedroom for sickness.

The third building on campus serves as residential space for up to 14 male students including study and recreational space. There are five rooms, two bathrooms, and a shower room.


Monday through Friday, three meals a day will be prepared by the staff of Coolnagreina and taken in the dining room. The exception will be for field trips where lunches will be prepared for travel.  On weekends, food will be purchased and prepared by Taylor staff and students.  All meals are included in the semester’s fees.